Those 4 years are not just for getting a job! – Things a collegiate should know

College, the 4 important years of our life which decides our future.
It’s a mad competitive world out there and college prepares you for the run. Securing a job in the final year of college is the ultimate dream of every college student, rather perceived as one. We behave like programmed robots making our way to ‘a secured future’. But are these 4 beautiful years only to sit and study for a job? We are not born to pay bills and die. Similarly, a job is not the final destination to those wonderful 4 years of life!
Think deeper, let your mind fly and you’ll realize that there are limitless possibilities to what you can learn and achieve than merely a job from college.
Step out of the library: You might be a bookworm, get a huge GPA and still not be fit for the top companies. A holistic development is what the companies care about today. Everybody studies, what different did you do? It is really important to explore that ‘other side’ of yours. There is a life out of libraries and classrooms, let it unwind.
Acquire skills outside your curriculum: Your first and foremost compulsion is to fill your schedule with the subjects of the semester. But think outside the box, there are so many things to study and explore. Learn a bit to code, hone your problem-solving skills, learn a foreign language or stock trading or whatever interests you. Not just your domain subjects but also your life skills shape up your real world.
Learn to Code- Learning to code is the best gift you can give yourself. There is an ocean of open source resources that you can learn from and become a self taught developer. Break the myth that only Computer Science graduates can code. Today self taught coders are swiping away more high-profile jobs at megaliths like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Flipkart than ones with a Computer Science degree. Learning to code is not that big a deal, all you need to do is to take that first step. Apart from securing a decent job, learning to code enhances your problem-solving abilities and general rhyme and reason in life. We at Coding Ninjas have had the pleasure of helping over 2500 students in learning to code in different domains and secure over 400 jobs in top corporate companies. All they did was taking the right step, you can do that too.   
Focus on your verbal and nonverbal skills – The major concern of the big shot firms today is the lack of presentation, written and verbal skills in the millennials. Grammar and public speaking do not come in easy. We ignore this for the most of our college life and hustle in the last year. The result? Average vocabulary, grammar and soft skills.
Utilize the campus opportunities: Sports, Music, Dance, Event management and what not. Your university provides you with ample opportunities, the only problem is to take a step forward. Many people shy away from it, few think it’s useless and despise the people who are into this. But take a moment and think out loud, isn’t something better than nothing? Is sleeping in a dorm room better or organizing a hackathon? You decide.
Get an internship: Apart from giving you industry exposure, an internship gets you ready for the real corporate world. You meet new people, visit new places and get acquainted with the work life. It shapes up your personality and domain knowledge. An internship should never be decided based on what you’re studying right now. Rather it should be an escape to figure out what you actually want to do future.
Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs are born and brought up in the hostel corridors. Taking that one step to do something changes your life. Everyone wants to be a Steve Jobs, the least you could do is try. Working in minimal resources gives rise to ‘Jugaad’ and you understand the life better. It opens your eyes to the dimensions unknown and the lessons will stay with you for life. Develop an app, monetize an idea, join an NGO… make a difference and your life will be different. College life is the best time to take a step into entrepreneurship. You have resources galore and the opportunities of networking are just unimaginable. Moreover the entrepreneurship cells provide you the guidance and support required to build your own company brick by brick. Dream, run and fly!

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