Semester breaks: The best time to learn and hone your skills

So, it’s May end — the semester breaks are here. What are your plans during this break? We understand your need to rest — it’s a well-deserved break after all. But don’t you think it will be just lovely if you could just make a little bit of time to brush up on some of your computing skills? It wouldn’t take too long but it will give you an immense boost in your career. The current world is not hungry for degrees — it is looking for skills. The best skill gets the best job. So, why not get your skills honed with a tinge of programming and practice. First up, decide which skill do you want to work on. There are so many from Python to the basic C++ and on to advanced machine learning. Let’s find out what each holds for you:

Python: A favourite among Quora, Dropbox and YouTube, Python is a high-level language which is all about dealing with multiple programming paradigms, object-oriented and functional programming and procedural programming. Brush up your Python to get into more advanced topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

C++: This popular Object-Oriented Program is all about loops, logic building, recursions and trees. The mid-level language is a foundation of many advanced languages — but don’t go by its date of origin. Stroustrup’s creation continues to be used in many games and computer programs even after more than 30 years.

Java: Do you want to make your own software? Then Java is the first thing you should start with. Solving problems like Pseudocodes and flowcharts, as well as entering into the realm of Games and UI Building, Java is all about opening up your mind to a whole new world of software development.

Imagine you are in front of the interviewer and he/she is lashing out with difficult questions. How would you deal with them smoothly? It’s easy if you just make some efforts to practice on Interview Preparation Course. Covering all the main topics like Database, OOP Concepts, and Data structure, the Interview Preparation Course is designed to land you any job in a jiffy. Time to show your technical skills to the interviewer.

As mentioned earlier, jobs are no longer looking for just degrees — they are looking for skills. Aptitude. You might be presented with a test to show your skill. What will be your forte? That’s why you should give aptitude a chance through the Aptitude Preparation Course. Logical reasoning, Verbal ability, Data interpretation and Quantitative aptitude — see where your skills lie? Which topic is your weakness? Time to become an all-rounder in the aptitude department.

Are you ready for more? Maybe something a bit advanced that will really exercise your brain. Why not go for the advanced courses?

Data Science: Computers all over the world is receiving thousands of data. How can you extract meaning from them? Well, a combination of skills with Python, Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Data Cleaning is all you require. Data Science tackles each aspect of this and more — it will help you interpret the data and develop strategies around them.

Full Stack Web Development with Node.js: Well, enough of being a programmer — how would you like to go up a level — becoming a developer. Web development is all about developing web apps — writing for your clients and developing apps as per their requests. Web Development is all about creating your own Google — maybe you can have your own name under it!

Machine Learning Course: With the advances in computer technology, machines are growing intelligent. Now, we can enable the machine to interpret data and learn from it — thereby, bringing a transformation in the user experience. So, if you are already aware of the few trends in machine learning, why not engage in a more in-depth study of Supervised, Unsupervised and the latest Deep Learning. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The course might be tedious but it’s rewarding in the end.

And finally, no one can be better evaluated unless there is a competition. The Competitive Programming Course is designed for challenging different computational problems while using programming languages and domain-specific techniques. Even Live questions will be asked — so, keep your competitive spirits high.

Let’s make the semester end fruitful. After all, the future has no ‘waiting’ period, neither does it take breaks. It just hurtles towards us. It depends on us if we can beat its speed and take a step ahead.

With the right decisions, we can.

And if you need someone to help you guide along the right path that you’ve chosen — we’ve got your back! At Coding Ninjas, we offer courses on areas that will help you stand out amongst your peers. Whether you’re into making the machines learn, or you wish to hone your competitive programming skills for the next coding battle, or even if you’re looking to get your dream job — we’ll stay by your side through it all.

Internship talk with Vibhu Goel

The best place to master coding skills!


His amazing experience and what he loved!

It was an enjoyable experience as I did 2 courses C++ and Android. In the C++ course, Nidhi ma’am gave constant support as she cleared all the doubts, and my coding became very good because of her. In the android course, Rohan Bhaiya was the one who made my android so strong that I got an internship in MakeMyTrip. TA was excellent.

Interview experience

It consisted of 2 rounds, where the focus was mainly on the back-end concepts throughout the interview.

Advice to Current Students!

Practice as much as you can and do attend doubt classes regularly just focus on the core concepts, and practice more questions.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

Best place to master your coding skill.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

Strengthen your reasoning, strengthen your programming!

It is said that language came from human needs. We needed to communicate properly and the reasonable way to go about it was to create language. And once we created language, we ended up creating more of it. French, English, Hindi and more, there are so many different languages in the world. With programming language, the same thing applies. Logic and reasoning comes first and from there, stems out different programming languages.To be a great developer, you have to be logical and you have to find out a reasonable way to use the correct programming language for the suitable job. Especially, if you are a front-end developer.

Why is it necessary for you to develop your reasoning? Well, it’s simple, actually. Think about it from the perspective of language, problem-solving and choice.

1. Problem Solving

As a programmer, you are there to solve different problems. What you need to do is find the right way to process a huge problem and make it smaller — easier. And here is where your reasoning comes in. How do you develop the pseudocode? Which language could deal with the problem better? If your reasoning is strong, you would know the right path.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

It is an age-old adage that never really grows old. Practice — there is no other alternative to it. In front of you lies an algorithm. Currently, your mind is floating with codes. Which one do you use? Remember what an algorithm actually is. It is nothing but a finite set of operations done to find a proper solution to a problem. Choose simple problems, gain your strength in that. Now, go for the bigger ones and try your reasoning there. Fail, try again. Never lose out on practice — your ultimate whetstone.

3. Learning More

There is no alternative to learning and learning more. You probably know about algorithms and data structures. But do you know all of it? If you are provided with a laptop and you are given a difficult problem, would you be able to use different programming languages to solve that? Chances are, you will be trembling in your seat. It’s understandable. Why not brush things up a little? You have to learn more about structures. Structures help us to develop a plan. It’s much like how reasoning works. Induction — deduction — argumentation — that’s the structure of reasoning. Focus on structures and the algorithms and you can find the solution to the problem in various ways. Have you played chess? Well — try it again, and this time, keep your logical side open. Derive the structures in the game.

4. Programming Paradigms

There are certain rules on which programming languages work. You know most of them but it wouldn’t harm you to go over them, again. Probably, one of the most common ones is the Object Oriented Paradigm. It will let the programmers define the data type of a specific data structure as well as the functions of it. A paradigm is like a blueprint — it is a way to understand and create our own projects. There is also Functional programming that will help you learn how to develop programs and solve problems in different ways. One thing is for sure — you need to learn those paradigms to be successful in them.

5. Learning From Others

Reasoning and logic is activated when you are engaged with others. As humans, we are always learning new things — from experiences and from people. There are so many ways in which a problem can be solved. Programmers are unique — they have their own ways to solve a problem. So, check their programs and find out how they have solved a problem. Think and get a sneak peak in their minds. Strengthen your own reasoning by learning from their work. That’s the only way you can grow.

You have to think rather than learn a particular code. After all, when you are in programming, you are not just dealing with computer science. You are engaged with topics like machine learning, natural learning processing and Artificial intelligence. These are in the purview of psychology, biology and philosophy. The machine in thinking and learning. Isn’t it time for you to do the same? Strengthen your reasoning and become a master of programming.

So, to get started, if you’d like to strengthen your reasoning skills so that you can ace coding, don’t forget to check out our courses! The teaching pedagogy at our institute is such that our focus is on strengthening logical and reasoning skills. Because we feel that no matter what language, if your reasoning is perfect, there’s no problem too tough for you to solve!

How far can Node.js go?

How-far-can-Node.js -go?The confined answer of what Node.js is? can go like the developer of Node.js took Javascript and allowed it to run on your computer rather than just the browser. Javascript can only access your webpage. With the ability to use your computer as a body, Node.js can do all sorts of great stuff which Javascript limits us to do. You have access to the files on your computer, can listen to the network traffic, access database directly, and also listen to the https requests and send back a file.

How far can Node.js go?

This question doesn’t only talk about Node.js but also puts the limitations of javascript in the highlight. Here are a few examples of Javascript position:

-Windows and OS X Desktop Applications: Companies like Microsoft and Slack have used Node.js tool to develop its initial applications.

-Android and iPhone Application: Facebook’s significant portion is using React Native for good experiences, and additionally, other companies like Vogue, Walmart and CBS Sports will be using it in the foreseeable future.

-ROBOTS: Javascript is used to make fully functioning robots. Everything can take place on single boarded computers like Nodebots or Raspberry Pi etc.

-Internet of things (iOT): With the help of a library named Johnny-Five, javascript is finding its way to create iOT devices with better quality. Companies like McLaren, Qualcomm, NodeSummit and FitBit are also talking about the use of Javascript.

Experienced Developers are creating large scale applications are aware of the fact that performance and scalability matter the most. Scaling out is a better option than scaling up. It means, instead of adding a big machine and compromising the quality of the product, you can always add more machines. It is still essential to get the best out of a tool and serve as many clients as possible.

Talking about Node.js

With the quality of being an event-driven non-blocking model, now the developers can create applications or design a model in real-time. The property that you can make changes to the program or inspect the model without even restarting it makes Node.js a perfect fit for developing. Many companies prefer to use Node.js for its two-way connections and push technology.

#PayPal: Talking about dealing worldwide, one of the best applications created on Node.js is PayPal. You can see it in almost every application, and it works seamlessly. There are over 200 million users of PayPal in the whole world.

Initially, dispersed teams were handling the tasks individually for the server applications and the browser which made it difficult. Node.js allowed the developers to use one language-Javascript for all purposes.

#Netflix: Being the largest portal to stream videos, Netflix has to go with Node.js for its seamless service. This is the most known examples of Node.js to the generation. Netflix wanted the user to have the power to customize videos or show as per their choices. Node.js makes it possible for the app to enable user customization

#Uber: The cost to make an app like Uber is also affected by the fact that it runs on Node.js. The company has doubled its size in the past 6 months. That’s why Uber is one of the best examples of winning Node.js language.

Wrapping up…

If these examples make you realize how beautiful the language Node.js is, then, now is the time you visit our full stack Node.js web development course. Coding Ninjas’ extensive course and experts will make you confident enough to build your own applications.

Placement Talk with Tripti Saini

The best place to hone your tech skills!


Her amazing experience and what she loved!

I joined CN in the last summer break to prepare myself well for the campus internships. The course helped me strengthen my core concepts. The videos were beneficial and also the doubts clearing by the TAs. I got an on-campus internship as well for a Singapore based fintech startup called Fundwave. And this is a full-time offer I got from Vir Softech Pvt. Ltd.

Interview experience

It consisted of more than 3 rounds where Core concepts of C++ and DS, Algo were covered. I was asked questions on pointers, dynamic allocation of arrays, strings, linked lists and file operations

Advice to Current Students!

Just focus on the core concepts, and practice more questions.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

Coding Ninjas is the best institute to hone your tech skills

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

Get the right push to your career with our placement cell

The challenge of choosing the first job to kick-start your career is daunting. If you aren’t on the right path, you can waste a lot of time searching for jobs that are really not suitable for you. A good proportion of your productive years might be consumed, in such a scenario, till you’re eventually able to find your fit.

That’s precisely where good guidance comes in. To all the tech students out there, looking for opportunities to work in their dream companies, we got your back. Our mentorship coupled with the extensive reach of our placement unit can help you reach your goal.

For the initial stage of getting your placement done, we at Coding Ninjas provide you with career tracks. Visit our website and decide for yourselves. Here is a general brief of what we offer as a tech education provider.

Ninja Competitive Programmer Track: This is a persuasive course which will challenge you to solve problems computationally with fundamental algorithms. It will also cover domain-specific techniques. This specialization track will familiarize you with the concepts of data structures, and even advanced algorithms that are necessary for you to ace as a competitive programmer.

Ninja Data Scientist Career Track: A Data Scientist is a combination of machine learning and statistical techniques with a dash of Python programming to analyze and evaluate critical data. Looking at the growth Data Science as a career option has seen over the years, this career track is perfect for those looking to bank on their knowledge of Math, Computers, and combine it with a job in an ever-growing industry.

Ninja Web Developer Career Track: Our goal is to turn you into professionals. With this track you will have a clear picture of how to use popular languages with proper coding logic and comprehensive frameworks like node.js. This course is designed to cater to both your front-end as well as back-end needs. Emerging as a full-stack developer, you’ll be ready to shine in your career after this course!

Ninja Machine Learning Career Track: You have to ace your basic concepts and the advancements that have been going on in the field of Machine Learning. We are here to provide you with an experience filled with expertise and concepts that will help you with solving the most complicated problems.

Coming back to the subject matter, we provide our students with perfect opportunities by offering them full-time jobs and internships. The placements are the consequences of thorough study materials and career mentors that we provide to our students.

Students are continuously guided towards their career goals and aspirations, which makes it possible for the potential companies to hire an appropriate candidate. Students who have acquired 60% or more can avail the services of an in-house profile which will include the student’s education, work experience, achievements and all the projects they have worked on till now.

Hiring Partners: We have partnered with 65+ hiring partners, including some top-notch companies like, Zomato, Grant Thronton, Amazon, Walmart, Edelweiss, Shuttl, Cars24 etc.

Package offers: For a full-time job, the initial CTC offered till now is 4 lacs per annum, and the highest CTC would be 20 lacs per annum. The average package of an intern is 2 to 2.5 lacs per annum.


The courses we offer at Coding Ninjas can make you a potential candidate for your dream job. As the interviewer is more concerned about the skills of the developer instead of college or university they got their degrees from. Our placement cell can make you reach your aims by giving you the right push for your career.

Efficiently tackling a Data Science project

“Hiding within those mounds of data is the knowledge that could change the world.” – Atul Butte

Data Science is precisely what comes in handy while searching for knowledge in these heaps of data.

However, if you get stuck at any point of your process, take a moment to ask yourselves a few questions:

-Do you like the idea of your project getting pushed and getting out there in the real world?

-Do you love it when you are a useful resource for your company, who provides actionable insights?

-Do you want to build an efficient Data Science project which can work on a real-time basis?

Even if you have a single affirmative answer, then my friend, you are on the right path to achieve your goal. These questions can boost up your motivation in seconds.

We are providing you with a guide for how to tackle a Data Science project efficiently:

Familiarize yourself with your area of interest

It is impossible for a person to keep an eye on every encompassing detail while working with large datasets. But, the author should be deeply involved with the subject matter of the project. Working otherwise can ruin the whole project.

-Without proper background knowledge, you will surely be making a lot of mistakes.

-A deep understanding of the thing you are dealing with can prevent potential errors.

-If you complete this process efficiently, then you are already a step ahead than your peers.

Determine your question

You have to dig deeper to find out all the useful questions that might matter.

-Is there a possibility that the information you are looking for doesn’t exist?

-How often has your problem been put up or answered before?

-Are you content with the math of the process?

-Would you still be comfortable going on with the project when it gets monotonous or frustrating?

In this ongoing process, you might encounter a lot of datasets which can be useful as well as waste. Only your passion for the project can make you go onwards.

Find a Dataset related to your question

Sometimes you can directly find relevant databases on sites like Census or Bureau of labour statistics. These carry some of the conventional datasets which you are looking for. However, there is a potential possibility of not getting accurate information all the time.

Keep other options open if you’re unable to find the exact dataset:

-You can reach out to others who have worked on multiple programs or at least have an experience and see if they are familiar to the dataset.

-You can also find a relatable database and mould your question according to it. Be adaptable enough and continue with the second step.

Adjust your parameters as we can ensure that the results will be highly rewarding.

Familiarize yourself with the Database

Try and visualize your data as much as you can. Take some time and explore the sets of several visualizations from the data collected. See if creating graphs and charts, finding the minimum & maximum can help envision the data much clearly. You can go on with the following measures:

-If you can isolate trends with the information, it can be beneficial for you to get through the final step.

-Go through all the datasets and cross-check all the information. It might lead you to the results that you have been looking for.

If you’re still wondering about the complexities, come straight to our data science courses. We at coding ninjas will make you confident enough to tackle your project on your own.

Improve your competitive programming with these tips and tricks

As the name suggests, competitive programming is a kind of sport wherein you write code using your programming skills for some exciting and challenging problems. Competitive programming works under a few rules like memory limits of the program and timing of execution. This is all included in the process of winning a competition. It also requires you to solve the maximum number of problems in a specific period.

With so many programming languages to choose from, beginners often find it confusing to pick the best language to start with. For that, let’s look at…

What language should you choose?

While there is no boundation on the language one can opt for, it’s often one of the three major languages that a candidate chooses. Those include:

  • C++: The programmers highly recommend language C++. The reason behind it is high speed. Algorithm implementation here is straightforward. C++ is allowed in all kinds of competitions.
  • C: For programmers already familiar with C, it is advised that they strengthen their grip on the language for competitive programming. After all, known as the mother of all programming language, C might not be the fastest language there is, but the amount of control it provides the programmers over their code is unparalleled.
  • Java: Unlike C++, Java isn’t an extremely fast language. However, there are reasons in favour of using Java as your main competitive programming language. One of those reasons includes the BigInteger Library present in Java, that allows computation of large quantities like Factorials, Modulus, Exponentials, and much more.

Having picked a sword for the battle now is the time to know some essentials to emerge victorious in competitive programming:

Master the Basics

The moment you get a hold on to the syntax of the language, now it’s time to write some real code. You can start with simple problems that only require implementation skills. In this step, you should stick with your own coding style. Coding style usually refers to the pattern of your code for example- including a lot of spaces, putting the opening and closing braces in different lines etc.


Two things that you should always keep in mind while coding is:

Readability: No matter how carefully we write the code, there is always a possibility of a bug appearing. However, to debug it, you have to write a decipherable code. If the code is readable and easy to follow, it automatically makes debugging easy.

Ease of implementation: There are times when you’re writing long lines of code. You obviously don’t want to get consumed with your own work. So, please take a few minutes before implementing the code rather than consuming a large amount of time later.

Master Algorithms and Data Structures:

There is no simple way to master a field. You have to find an alternative way to work efficiently. The factors you should consider while learning Algorithms and Data Structures are as follows:

1. Your prior knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms: It will take much less time for you to master DS & Algos if you have an understanding of the basics for example., Linked Lists, Sorting, Arrays or searching etc. However, a passionate mind can still catch up with the rest of the crowd even if you are starting from scratch.

2. Purpose of learning DS and Algo: If your sole purpose of learning Data Structures and Algorithms is competitive programming, you should keep your focus on complex problems. It is the most effective way to improve your skills. After you have solved a bunch of those complicated problems, the rest of them will seem to be very easy to encounter.

3. Resources Available: Suitable resources play a crucial part in the training of competitive programming. Make sure the tutorials are detailed enough to provide you with clear concepts. Try to practice on a successful set of questions.

4. A Guide: Now that the purpose of your learning, tutorials, set of question papers is all sorted, you still need guidance for ‘where to start?’. This is the part where our team of professionals at coding ninjas will help you walk through it.

Aforementioned were a few tips and tricks to develop your skills for competitive programming. Following them thoroughly will make you grow relentlessly. And, during the journey, if you find yourself stuck, visit us at, where we offer courses designed around competitive programming which help you tackle even the most difficult of the problems you’ll encounter!

Steps to building a stunning portfolio for Web Developers


When hiring a web developer, what do you think is one of the most valuable qualities that a recruiter is looking for? It’s EXPERIENCE.

Yes, you heard it right!

And, as a novice, you don’t have any of it yet. Here, your portfolio site enters the scene. See, you do have experience in developing websites. The only thing missing here is you haven’t been paid for it yet. For this substantial reason, you have to make sure that your portfolio stands out and have all the potential to land a deserving job.

First of all, here is a general outline of steps that you should follow for a successful website.

Start collecting testimonials: You all are familiar with the ardent reviews which people with a whole lot of experience have on their portfolio. This not only makes their portfolio shine bright but also lands them more projects. Well, here is a well-kept secret for you: ‘most of them are requested’. This might come as a shock to you, but it happens more often than you think. And, now that the cat’s out of the bag, you may take some advice as well. Ask your client or people you’ve collaborated with, to write a testimonial for you. It will directly add up to your credibility.

Include all your projects: Including your education, mention all the projects you’ve done so far. All the volunteer work, the pro bono project you have done to help an old friend will show your passion towards the field and your capability to the clients.

If you developed an app using any language, instead of just putting a screenshot, add a link to the app itself. Mention how you managed to overcome the roadblocks while developing it.

Share your personality: To show the recruiters that you’re not just some random guy hiding behind the computer, you have to remind them of that you are a living, breathing person and not just a machine.

Shoot some of your personality to the portfolio. Use a rather quirky and descriptive introduction of yours in the ‘about’ page. Let them know where you’re coming from, your educational background, your likings. And, finally, include all the other link of your social media profiles and your contact number or an email address. Make it easy for them to contact you. So that if the client wants to know more about you, he can head straight forward to your other accounts.

As Mohamed Saad said,

“A successful website does three things:

It attracts the right kinds of visitors.

Guides them to the main services or product you offer.

Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.”

To all the tech-savvy out there, let’s get into the specifics of how your profile will land potential projects:

Keep it simple

A good look of about 3 seconds at your site and the user has already made up his mind whether to stay for more or not. This is the perfect chance to show your capability to potential clients. It’s always a better option to keep the site simple and decluttered.

Instead of showing all the elements at a time, you can focus on what will add value to your portfolio. Hop skip the random features & add ons. Let your collection highlight the most important thing: your work & experience.

Remember user experience

The thing which you should always keep in mind while developing a website is USER EXPERIENCE. When you’re developing a site for your client, you try to make it easy to use and navigate. Creating your own portfolio beholds the same rule. For example- make sure that call to actions stands out or the background colour is soothing.

Also, remember to build a responsive design. Keep in mind the various devices which are introduced in the market and the fact that mobiles and tablets are used in a wide range. Your portfolio should look good whether it’s viewed on a desktop, mobile phone or tablets.

Don’t skip the details

The sole purpose of your portfolio is to showcase your skills and experience. Showing the final product on the site is great. But, if you want the impression to last long, you can always do a little bit more than that. Talk about the progress and the techniques you have used. Mention how you have managed to overcome the roadblocks or challenges.

Considering the project you are mentioning, make a list of questions like: ‘What makes the project different from the previous ones?’, ‘Precisely, what makes you proud of this particular project?’ or ‘Would you like to extend this web development project?’. These questions will help you sort the valuable outlines from the lot.

The sophisticated collection of your portfolio will then land you the exact deserving projects you want for your profile.

Rest assured, by following these simple guidelines, you can make your portfolio unique and more engaging. And, for having a better understanding of web development, you can come straight to We offer you a rack of extensive courses both online and offline.

Placement talk with Harsh Bhama

A platform where I learned a lot!


His amazing experience and what he loved!

It was a great experience at coding ninjas. They started from very scratch building simple web pages with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Then transited to pure web development using Ruby on rails. Faculty always cleared doubts of the entire class and would not start any other topic till our previous topics were cleared. Another good part of the training were assignments that were given after every session, which were very helpful in creating a hands-on experience in web development.

Interview experience

It consisted of 2 rounds where they asked about topics related to Html, CSS, JavaScript, Web development ( Ruby on rails) and Project.

Advice to Current Students

I would Highly recommend coding ninjas, as they have such great industry orientated courses on web development and mobile development, which would definitely help them to grab various offers in their placements.

How will you introduce coding ninjas to your friends?

I would say it is the best platform to learn, practice and have a hands-on experience on any technology.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!