Tips and tricks on how to succeed in Kaggle competitions

You are probably aware by now that machine learning is the future of AI and business culture. Many tech firms are already starting to integrate machine learning into their systems. Since this ‘thing of the future’ is gaining such popularity, you might ask, ‘How can I be better at it?’ Kaggle competitions can be the answer for you! Like Hackerrank, Codechef, etc., Kaggle is a platform where you compete with other participants for a prize. 

The difference is: Kaggle focuses on data science and machine learning. It’s a perfect platform for anyone passionate about machine learning! However, winning a Kaggle competition is not going to be a cakewalk. You have to really prepare and plan for it to succeed. Here are some tips to help you get your first win in a Kaggle competition:

  • Practice feature engineering and data preparations

Preparing the data and engineering the features are the critical data-related factors in machine learning. Algorithm selection is also very important though not as important as feature engineering and data preparation. So, use your common sense or intuition and figure out what actually works and what doesn’t work. You can create a cross-validation framework to get a reliable estimate of your errors. Work on them to minimize the chances of committing future errors.

  • Choosing the right kind of competition



You may have heard the saying ‘Confidence is the key to success’. While that is true, the saying does not talk about building your confidence. The best way to build up your confidence is by taking ‘small’ steps towards a big success. It’s like a video game where you start acquiring certain skills while playing the first level, and then, level up when you master them. With Kaggle competitions, it’s best to start small, that is, from Level 1. Research and find competition with fewer competitors. These competitions may have lesser prizes than the bigger and more famous ones, but they are great for building your confidence levels. Eventually, you may move up to the high-valued and famous competitions. 

  • Don’t give up

Three things that can help you win a Kaggle competition are: Persistence, Constant learning, and Luck. While persistence and learning are within your control, you cannot control the final ‘Luck’ factor. In some competitions, the difference between the 3rd and the 4th place has been a mere 0.001%. So, if you aren’t ‘lucky’ the first time, don’t give up. It will be heartbreaking to discover that you ended up at a low rank in your first Kaggle competition. But keep participating in different competitions and keep learning. Read the latest and relevant literature on machine learning and keep your updated. Rectify your mistakes and start applying what you learn in your future competitions. 

  • Forming a good team



It’s critical to have passionate people on your team. So, switch on your radar and start searching for proper teammates. First ask yourself: What are the essential characteristics of a team member? Some of the general ones are a) They should support each other. b) They should learn from each other. c) They should know and be good at what they are doing. The chemistry shared among the team members can be the difference between winning and losing. Also, at times, look into the mirror and judge yourself: Are you a good team member yourself? If you find any flaws in your self-analysis, work on them. 

  • Don’t stress it

Machine learning can be quite exciting if you make it so. So, don’t start stressing out and make it a tedious task. Be passionate about learning more. Think of these competitions as a fun challenge. Don’t worry about getting a low rank – nobody is there to judge you. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail. Just dive in the competition and accept it as a wonderful experience where you can learn and make new friends.

  • Take it as a learning experience



You may not win your first Kaggle competition (unless you are a born genius in machine learning) nor your second one, but you can definitely learn something from participating in them. Kaggle competitions push you out of your comfort zone and make you experiment with your current knowledge. This expands your knowledge base and takes your skills to the next level. If you are stuck while practicing, don’t be ashamed to google out basic tricks and tips.

The two main things that will make you win the Kaggle competitions are: Persistence and constant learning. To furnish your skills and expertise in machine learning, you can also go for machine learning courses provided by CodingNinjas. So, learn from your failures without taking them to heart and give your best during the competition. Best of luck.

An Introduction to Hadoop and its ecosystem

Big data analysis is the future of technology and analytical research. Big data analysis deals with large data set which helps in determining patterns and trends in business. Imagine how useful it would be for finance, marketing and other kinds of research. Now, since it deals with large amounts of data, it gets a lot more complicated. If you are looking to opt for a detailed course of data analytics, you must first understand the ecosystem of Hadoop.

Not every software is capable of handling such large data in one go. However, Apache Hadoop, an open-source framework, has made its place in the tech world because it allows efficient handling of big data. The Hadoop framework uses clusters and is made into several modules creating a large ecosystem of technologies. The Hadoop Ecosystem is a suite providing a variety of services to tackle big data problems. 

Hadoop Ecosystem

hadoop and its ecosystem


While there are many solutions and tools in the Hadoop ecosystem, these are the four major ones: HDFS, MapReduce, YARN and Hadoop Common. These tools work together and help in the absorption, analysis, storage, and maintenance of data. However, there are many other components that work in tandem with building up the entire Hadoop ecosystem. As you can see in the diagram above, each and every component of the Hadoop ecosystem has its own function. For example, the HDFS and MapReduce are responsible for distributed capabilities, i.e. distributed storage and distributed processing respectively. They are:

  1. HDFS

This is the primary component of the ecosystem. It stores large data sets of unstructured and structured data and maintains the metadata in the log file form. The core components used here are the Name Node and the Data Node. The data node is the commodity hardware present in the distributed environment and helps in the storage of data. The Name Node is the prime node and stores the metadata. It requires fewer resources than data nodes. HDFS works at the heart of the system.

  1. YARN

YARN or Yet Another Resource Negotiator helps with the management of resources across the clusters. It is responsible for resource allocation and scheduling. The main components of YARN are Resource Manager, Nodes Manager and Application Manager. Resource manager helps in the allocation of resources for the applications working in the system. Nodes Manager helps in the allocation of other resources like CPU memory, bandwidth, etc. The Application Manager acts as an interface between the two and negotiates the resource requirements.

  1. MapReduce

hadoop ecosystem


MapReduce combines the work of parallel and distributed algorithms to convert big data sets into manageable ones. It has two functions Map () and Reduce (). Map () sorts and filters the data and therefore, organize them into groups. Reduce () takes the Map() output and summarizes them into smaller sets of tuples.

  1. PIG

Developed by Yahoo, PIG helps to structure the data flow and thus, aids in the processing and analysis of large data sets. It helps in optimizing the processing of the entire set by executing the commands in the background. After the processing, PIG stores the acquired result in HDFS.

  1. HIVE

Combining both SQL methodology and interface, HIVE helps to write and read large sets of data. It allows both batch processing and real-time processing, therefore being highly scalable. Plus, it supports SQL data types making query processing simpler. 

  1. Mahout

Machine learning is a thing of the future and many programming languages are trying to integrate it in them. For example, Python has many libraries which help in machine learning. Mahout helps to integrate Machine Learnability with Hadoop. It gives you functions like clustering, classification, and collaborative filtering. It provides you with various libraries as well.

  1. Apache Spark

hadoop ecosystem


If you want to engage in real-time processing, then Apache Spark is the platform that can help you. It handles a number of process-consumptive tasks like iterative and interactive real-time processing, graph conversions, batch processing, etc. 

  1. Apache HBase

Apache HBase is a NoSQL database. Hence, it can handle any kind of data and provides the capability of Google Big Table. Thus, it makes working on Big Data sets efficient and easy. HBase helps in storing a limited quantity of data and hence, initiates fast responses when you want to retrieve something small from huge databases.

  1. Solr, Lucene

These two services are used for data management. Solr and Lucene help in searching and in the indexing of certain java libraries. 

  1. Zookeeper

Lack of both coordination and synchronization could result in inconsistency within the Hadoop ecosystem. Zooker helps in synchronization, grouping, and maintaining inter-component based communication to reduce inconsistency.

  1. Oozie

Oozie is a scheduler which helps to bind and schedule jobs as a singular unit. There are two kinds of work that Oozie does – Oozie workflow and Oozie coordinator jobs. Oozie workflow helps to execute jobs sequentially while Oozie coordinator helps to perform jobs when an external stimulus triggers it.

Get yourself acquainted with the Hadoop ecosystem and you can tackle big data analytics easily. For the much-needed direction that is needed to excel in data science, you can try the course on data science by Coding Ninjas.  Best of luck.

6 key factors that determine your success in competitive coding

Do you want to test out your coding skills? Then, competitive coding is the best way to go. Imagine you are in the competition – your body’s pumping in the blood to your brains and your fingers all jittery, tapping in the codes to win! Makes you almost feel like Neo, doesn’t it? Competitive coding is fantastic for coders – it puts you on the edge, pushes you out of your comfort zone and boosts your coding skills. But there are certain ways of approaching coding which can bring you success in coding competitions. Here are a few factors which you need to keep in mind when you are engaging with competitive coding: 

  1. Preparing the algorithms and data structures

download (4)


For efficient programming, you have to get your basics right. When you are in a competition, you have to code fast – but that should not be an excuse for shabbiness. One of the basics of coding is mastering the data structures and algorithms. So, get your college and high school books out, and start brushing up the basics of coding. You can always take the help of GeeksForGeeks for detailed tutorials too. For intensive coding course, you can also go for CodingNinjas competitive programming courses.

  1. Choose a language you are comfortable with 

The way towards any kind of success is to do what you love. Similarly, during coding competitions, you got to choose a language which you are comfortable with. Learn every bit of the language from the basics to the advanced skills necessary. Ensure that you put in much of your time and effort in this language and develop a mastery over it. Even if it’s C++, make sure that you know it inside out before you participate in a coding competition.    

  1. Practice makes perfect

The old adage – practice makes you perfect is even more relevant for coding. Coding is a skill that you build up on every time you code. Every second you put in to work on the skill brings you closer to achieving a level of mastery in it. Make a schedule if you want, and put in your undivided attention to practice coding during the coding hours. It will definitely give you an edge during the competition.

  1. Participate in more competitions



While practicing may give you the edge over other coders, your mind might mess up when you actually enter the competition. Facing your challenges, competing with different coders with the same goal – all these factor in to increase a lot of pressure on you. To get rid of it, you have to participate in more competitions. The more you participate, the better you become prepared to tackle the environment that you are in. This will eventually bring a positive difference in your fast-coding skills that is essential for such competitions.

  1. Patience

Leader Illustration


Even when you practice and participate in a number of coding competitions, it may not bring you instant victory. It takes time and yes, there is a bit of luck present. You have to be patient. Don’t give up – keep taking the shot – keep participating and keep improving your coding skills. One day, you will be holding the prize and look back in your struggles with pride.

  1. Keep it fun

Coding can often turn out to be really frustrating. It can take a toll on your mind. But don’t be too harsh on yourself. Look at the bright side. These competitions push you out of your comfort zone and that helps to give a new dimension to your coding. Plus, you get to know new coders who can help you out in the future too. So, always be positive and keep it simple. Keep the competition fun and healthy, and enjoy it completely. De-stress yourself and keep a cool mind while coding. That will bring you closer to the success you desire.

Keep the right mindset and you can really achieve what you desire. Remember the three Ns of Coding: Never give up, Never get stressed, and Never stop believing in yourself. Go, get your prize. Best of luck. 
Coding competitions become so much easier when you are actually practicing it in an environment designed for coding competitions. At CodingNinjas, we give you exactly that environment and try to push you out of your comfort zone to get to the top. Let our competitive programming course help you out with your dream to win coding competitions.

5 Industry trends that every Computers student should stay on top of.

For anyone who is looking to start their career, it is important to keep up with the industry trends in their respective industries. Today, the industry with most advancements at regular intervals is the IT industry. So, it becomes even more important for a computer science student to stay abreast with industry trends. 

Not only does it help to be aware and be able to participate in conversations with your colleagues, but it‌ ‌will also help you to explore new and better avenues for your career. So, in this post, we are going to discuss 5 industry trends. Let’s get started:

  1. Internet of Things and its impact.



While the technology has been around for a while now, it is still in a very nascent stage. Put simply, it has not yet been able to disrupt up to its potential. Corporations and startups alike, all of them are exploring ways on how the software can be fully integrated with the hardware. 

For this, the demand for computer science students has been seen to have surpassed that of the experts in electronics. So, it’s important for students to keep a close eye on this and try experimenting with some relevant projects. 

  1. The next steps in AI



Did you think that the impact of artificial intelligence and its applications had reached a saturation level? Well, it hasn’t! In the last year, various other use-cases have sprung up. And without any doubt, the smart corporations have been quick to implement in their own businesses. 

One of the most popular ones is NLG. You might confuse it with the NLPs, but it would be wrong to do that. In fact, NLGs perform a totally different function than NLPs. If you wish to build expertise in Artificial Intelligence, you can take up our course.

  1. Cybersecurity

Today, companies are very careful about their data. Since data is being hailed as the oil of our generation, it’s security has become even more important. As a matter of fact, companies are investing a lot in cybersecurity.

Apart from the direct economies involved, the fear of reputational damage has also made the key decision-makers really cautious about their cybersecurity strategy. Because of the incredible scope in cybersecurity, even VCs and investors are starting to back startups. In 2018, VC investments in cybersecurity saw a record high –  crossing the 5 billion mark. 

Malware attacking websites and big chunks of data being stored in their data centers is a really big problem for companies today. Not only this, even the small entrepreneurs building their business from scratch are exposed to cyber-attacksIf you think fighting off such elements might intrigue you, then you are in luck as the industry needs really good cybersecurity minds. 

  1. Blockchain and its jobs boom


Blockchain, the distributed ledger technology is touted as one of the most revolutionary technologies in the world. From supply chains to financial services, everything is being disrupted by blockchain. Not only this, there is a boom of really high paying jobs in the blockchain industry. 

A study by Glassdoor has found that the demand for blockchain engineers have increased by 300% over the last year. Apart from this, the fact that these jobs offer a considerably higher payout than the median salary in IT makes it an even bigger catch. 

After a quite slow market for cryptocurrencies in the year 2018, there has been a significant rise as the second half of 2019 approached. This has made the boom in blockchain jobs get even bigger. To set out on your journey to becoming a blockchain expert, you have to start from the basics. Understanding of cryptography and hashing might be really helpful as well. 

  1. API economy and Microservices

Accelerating the time to production is important for every project manager today. APIs serve this purpose quite well. Not only are the decision-makers able to reduce costs by using APIs, but they are also able to boost efficiency and make their applications more reliable. Today, the applications are built with API, microservices, and containerization. So, even you need to understand the importance of these trends and transform the way you look at product development.

So, these were some of the trends that every computers student must be aware of. Did we miss any important trends? Feel free to let us know in the comment box. If you are looking to make yourself ready for the challenges in the real world, check out the courses offered by CodingNinjas

Internship talk with Nishant Singh

Coding Ninjas is the mentor to my success!


His amazing experience and what he loved!

I started my journey with Coding Ninjas through Eminence, which is the competitive coding course, I was mesmerised by the content provided by the incredibly passionate and knowledgable mentors, they made the most fearsome topics relatively easy to understand. Earlier, I tried to learn these concepts by myself, but it was too hard, that I gave up quickly, but during the course, I was motivated enough that giving up did not come to my mind even once, I give all the credit to the mentors and the course content setters.

Interview experience

It consisted of 4 rounds where they asked about Data Structures, Algorithms, Logical Puzzles, DBMS, Computer Networks, Wholesome knowledge about the projects written in my resume.

Advice to Current Students!

I would request all to practice problems from various sites, as most of the coding rounds are based on it. Even Coding Ninjas provide questions marked as Interview Shurikens, which are the questions asked previously by prestigious companies, they help you a lot even for interviews, DBMS, OS, and Computer Networks, should be on your tips. I would not suggest you do them in detail, but an overview must be taken. You should have complete knowledge of your resume, and should not write things that you are unclear of.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

I will introduce it as a mentor to my success, the all-in-one destination for all the coding lovers, who are ready to learn and their tools should be a laptop and passion for learning.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

Must-know Python libraries for any aspiring Data Scientist

We are all aware of Python – the simple language that is currently defining the digital world. Pairing machine learning capabilities with simple coding, Python is a big hit among data scientists, along with the data science specific language, R. However, if you really wish to master Python and build your career as a data scientist, then you should know the most popular Python libraries. Python, because of its simplicity, offers a lot of libraries for different use-cases. And if you are someone who is looking to make your mark as a data scientist, not only should you familiarize yourself with Python but with these libraries:




NumPy is a great open source library which is mostly dedicated to numerics. It has some pre-compiled functions that make working with large multidimensional matrices and arrays easy. Even when you apply basic numerical standards, Numpy makes it so simple that you don’t have to write Loops like in C++. While it may not have an integrated data analysis facility, its array computing can be paired with other data analysis tools and make it easier.


pasted image 0 (5)


SciPy is a module in Python which provides fast N-dimensional array manipulation. It not only makes numerical routines easier but it can also help with numerical optimization and integration. It even has modules like linear algebra, optimization and integration – all important tools in data science.


pasted image 0 (6)


If you want to add visualization in your project, the Matplotlib is the best way to go. It can be used to quickly make pie charts, line diagrams, histograms or other professional visual items. You can even customize certain aspects of any specific figure. The best part, you can export the images into graphic formats like png, jpeg, pdf, etc.


pasted image 0 (7)


Since machine learning is the way of the future, Scikit-Learn is the machine learning module introduces to Python. It gives you a set of common machine learning algorithms providing it to you through a consistent interface. There are a lot of algorithms available in Scikit-Learn and it also comes handy with machine learning-based tasks like regression, clustering, etc.


pasted image 0 (8)


For data munging, the best Python module is Pandas. It has high-level data structures and the tools present here are best suited for faster data analyses. It is based on NumPy and so, NumPy can be used easily on it. 


pasted image 0 (9)


NLTK is one of the best programmes that can work with human language. It has a simple interface and more than 50 corpora and lexical resources like WordNet, which can be used for tokenization, tagging, parsing and many more. NLTK is so popular that it is often used to create prototypes of research systems.



Statsmodels tries to estimate different statistical models by exploring data and performing statistical tests. It has a list of different plotting functions and statistics based on results for each type of data. 

pasted image 0 (10)


Statsmodels tries to estimate different statistical models by exploring data and performing statistical tests. It has a list of different plotting functions and statistics based on results for each type of data. 


pasted image 0 (11)


Python-Based Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Network or PyBrain is for neural networks. It can be used for both unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning. If you want a tool for real-time analytics, this is the best way to go.


pasted image 0 (12)


Built on both Scipy and Numpy, the Gensim library is for topic modeling. From fast scalability of language to optimized math routine, this open source library will keep your delighted with its simple interface and platform independence.


pasted image 0 (13)


Almost like Numpy, Theano is a library that focuses on numeric computation. It allows evaluation and optimization of mathematical expressions which also involves efficient treatment of multi-dimensional arrays.

So, get your mind set and start your data science journey with some must-know Python libraries. To make sure your python game is strong, you can also look at some of the courses offered by Coding Ninjas. Have a look at our course on Machine Learning and Data science and set out on your journey to become a distinguished data scientist. Best of luck.


Here’s how Coding Ninjas faculty fulfil the Rakshabandhan duties

The world of programming is always expanding. A few decades ago, we would have thought machine learning can only be a thing for sci-fi movies. But now, machine learning is becoming an integral part of your every-day life. But the more expansion takes place in the programming world, the more complicated coding and programming language become. For that reason, many programmers might want to start off with a proper mentor guiding their way in this diverse coding universe. We are not saying that you cannot learn to code on your own. But isn’t it better if you have a mentor to direct your raw coding power in the right channel? A mentor who is always there to fulfill the roles of a big brother for you. Something that the festival of Raksha Bandhan invokes.

At Coding Ninjas, we have successfully developed such a team of passionate and expert mentors to help students find their path in the coding world. Our faculty acknowledges that every one of our students is passionate about coding, have a hidden strength in them and are looking to release it in the right path. With this in mind, our faculty ensures that the students are provided the environment and the right guidance to get the most benefit out of their raw coding strength.

Here are some of the ways in which the Coding Ninjas faculty hopes to transform your career:

  • Building Up The Basics: While coding may have grown more and more complicated over the years, like every discipline, it too has a base. And like every technical subject, if things go wrong, you can always fall back on the basics. The foundation is the key to any technical subject. Coding Ninjas, with its expert faculties, tries to strengthen your foundation in unique ways so that, whatever situation you might come across, you won’t forget the foundation. With the basics right, you can always build up on it and tackle more challenging programs with ease. From introductions to functions, loops, arrays to advanced courses regarding stacks and UI building, our team of mentors will progressively help you acquire knowledge and skills in the language you choose. Our foundation courses on Java, C++, and Python is structured to ensure progressive all-round development of our students. 
  • Competitive Environment: The success of Hackathons and other coding competitions show that an environment of healthy competition is important for growth in the world of coders. You are always feeling the push of motivation and your adrenaline is pumping. By providing a competitive environment, our faculty tries to push you beyond your limits and achieve new heights you could never have imagined. Plus, it prepares you for competitive programming and gives you that confidence boost to go out and participate in external Hackathons. If you had never thought of taking part in any of these competitions, then Coding Ninjas will put you in a place to make you believe that you can WIN these competitions. Our competitive programming course is designed to help thrive against challenging computational problems and be evaluated with Live questions asked by your mentors.
  • Everyday Updates: Since the world of coding is so dynamic, there will always be new changes and updates happening in it – a new way to solve a problem or a new feature. Our faculty keeps themselves updated with the recent changes happening in the coding world and conveys them to the students. Our faculty tries to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate the new with your older knowledge, giving you an all-round ability to deal with a coding challenge. Plus, to keep your coding skills active and updated, we have a special segment ‘Problem of the Day’. Solve it and get an extra boost of confidence! 
  • A Friend In Need: A friend in need is a friend who will support and help you when you are in an extremely challenging situation. Coding Ninjas is that friend who is always there when you are facing a tough situation with your programming. Our expert faculty is present to clear your doubts in class once you convey it to them. Plus, we have doubt-clearing classes where any extra doubts will be cleared. And if you are not satisfied with that, we even have Teaching Assistants who stay online and will clear your doubts as and when they come. If you are at your wit’s end and can’t find the error in your program, send it over to your TA and they will debug it in a moment which would have taken hours for you to do!
  • Providing Placement Tips: The programming field is getting more and more competitive every day. With the increasing competition, companies are slowly making it increasingly difficult for people to get a placement in them. Coding Ninjas know how difficult it can be for students to get a placement in top tech firms. But our faculty is all for supporting our students to get their dream job. So, they keep themselves updated with the tech industry and provide placement tips to the students, which can make them stand out among the many interviewees that try to get a placement. Our students have found a spot in top tech firms like Amazon, Adobe and Samsung, a testimony to the success of our placement tips.
  • Expertise: Finally, we are proud of our faculty team as well. They are experts in coding and have got their credentials from famous institutions like IITs and Stanford University. But what really keeps them apart is their ability to relate and interact with students. They know the frustrations of coders and they can relate to it. However, they also know how to get over this obstacle and become a truly marvelous programmer. And that’s how our faculty makes a difference in your life and career.

At Coding Ninjas, we are always trying to bring out the best in our students. We believe in our faculty, we believe in you, and we believe that our interaction can help you unleash your dream of a coder. Let’s transform each of our lives – together.

True independence comes with enhanced capabilities. Power yourself with the best programming courses from CodingNinjas

We have become independent for more than 70 years now. As an independent nation, we have tried to strengthen our economy, empower the youth with opportunities and build our own industries and infrastructure in an attempt to make a mark on a global scale. If you look at our changing policies, you will find out that we, as an independent nation, strived hard to become self-dependent – empowering ourselves to stand tall with developed countries. This independence day, let us look inwards and empower ourselves. 

Most of us are worried about how our future would turn out to be like. Can we settle down to provide for our self and support our families? Settling down and being happy is the ultimate route towards empowering yourself. So, what’s the best path?

Well, if you are into coding, then you are off to a great start. There is no longer any doubt that the future will be related to programming, technology and computers. Plus, the way computers have entered and integrated with our lives, it is quite possible for coding or programming language to be a mandatory language to learn in the future. Anyway, just being interested in coding and knowing how to do it will not give you that extra edge. You have to remember that most people are aware of how important computers have become and they are pushing their limits to be coding masters. Enhancing your abilities as a coder is the best way to edge past in your competition and come out on top.

That’s why we at Codingninjas are trying to bring the best out of our students. Enhance your coding abilities with us, and become a true master of coding with these courses:

The Future: Machine Learning 

pasted image 0


Machine learning has changed the world of computers and brought in a new dimension to programming and technology. Machine learning is where a machine is programmed to use certain inputs and then learn from it automatically and thereby, provide output on that basis. We can see it with voice assistants like Alexa, and machine learning is also being used in IoTs. The field of Deep Learning continues to expand and shape the future. It is an advanced programming course, but in Coding Ninjas, we ensure that you have a thorough and clear concept of deep learning and how you can implement it in the best and easy way possible. Enhancing your skills in machine learning can get you a position in top firms like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Python: The Easy Language For The New Generation

pasted image 0 (1)


In schools, you might have come across QBASIC or C++, but we all know that programming language is not limited to them. There are COBOL, C, JAVA and many others. But many of the programming languages lack the simplicity which comes with Python. Writing programs in Python is much easier than Java or C++. It is quite versatile and has a great stable library which can support you. Plus, it’s high-level data structures and dynamic typing and binding is something programmers love. It is a language suitable to forward us to the future. But you have to master it well. At Codingninjas, we will make you understand every bit of Python from foundation to advanced to develop the master in you. Of course, you can also go through our foundation courses on C++ or Java to get a hold of programming languages and have a multidisciplinary approach towards programming. That’s always a benefit in this competitive market.

Hone Your Competitive Programming Skills

pasted image 0 (2)


Since you have coding blood in you, why not prove your coding skills in a coding showdown? Hackathons are a great way to show your programming, understand how well you fare with your competitors and challenge your own self with difficult coding and live questions. Hackathons are great at pushing your limits and putting you outside your comfort zone. Plus, you get to meet new coders and enlarge your networking – something very important in the coding world. Codingninjas have their own Competitive Programming Course that will help you practice coding in a competitive environment, so that you can at least make your mark in a coding competition and put the limelight on yourself.

Building Your Own Business – Web Design

pasted image 0 (3)


Startups are in vogue and you might be one of those risk-taking innovators who want to build their own startups. With social media, while an innovative startup is easy to set-up and promote- you must have user engagement and draw more people to your website. How can you do that without a proper web design? Building a proper webpage is the maker and breaker of your business in the current internet world. You might have a creative vision of how you want your website to look and work, but the real challenge comes with placing your vision onto the computer or the internet. That’s where Codingninja can help you with your business. We will teach you the basics about web apps and how you can create pages of your own. 

Help with cracking the interviews

pasted image 0 (4)


Securing your place in an interview is no easy task. There’s no sugarcoating here – the competition is high and interviewers are hired to select the best candidate. That’s why you have to go through a barrage of tests to get a chance to sit for an interview when you are opting for a tech company. You need to be skilled, have a great assertive personality and be highly knowledgeable about the programming language you are working with to get a shot at pleasing the interviewer. Codingninja has designed multiple courses to help you get to the interviewer as well as tackle the questions that the interviewer poses. Our students have landed jobs in Google and Amazon as a proof of our success. We have interview preparation courses which monitor your technical knowledge and skills as well as Aptitude Preparation courses to enhance your logical and verbal reasoning. Combining the power of the two and your own hard work, you can get placed in any tech giants and ace their interviews.

You have the blood of a coder in you. You just need the right person to channel it properly. At Codingninjas, we bring together the best mentors to assist our students and empower them to be coding masters and future leaders. Be truly independent by doing the job you dream of and being a leader of it. That’s the real happiness – being an independent person.

Happy Independence Day!

Explained – The journey from developer to a Product Manager

Digital products have been taking over the market for about 15 years. As more and more tech companies emerge and non-tech companies transform themselves to tech companies, there is a shift towards digital products. Along with that comes Digital Product Management. So, what is Digital Product Management, or more specifically, what are the tasks of a digital product manager? A product manager is a technologist who tries to solve different business problems by using a feature or a program.

Of course, the manager cannot just produce any kind of product. A product manager has to work across several departments, especially with the stakeholders, learn the demands, make a vision out of it and then deliver a specific product. There is a host of analytics that goes into the business. Product management is not an easy task – but it’s a task that is coming in demand. And what is the primary requirement for a product manager – being a Software Developer?

journey from a developer to product manager


How can you go from a developer to a Product manager?

Well, there are many steps one could take but you have to have one thing: passion. You must have a passion for coding and along with that, a creative insight. 

First up, you have to build your credentials as a coder. Start coding young, move up to mastering data structures, algorithms, databases, etc. Earn an Engineering degree if you can and start your work as a developer in a company. But do not stop right there, continue going to hackathons and build your career.

Once you are in a company or you meet people in Hackathons, you will have made a strong network with other software designers, product designers, software developers, etc. Try to test out your product developing skills by teaming up with other people and making an Android app. Here is where your creative skills will come to use. Use your ‘design’ insight and how you want the app to work and try to implement it. It will give you an immense boost when you work and manage a team. Bring the product management mindset in your daily tasks. You can also sharpen your skills with constant competitive programming practice.

journey from a developer to product manager


Generally, a move from developer to product manager takes place within the organization. Show your innovative skills in your work. Take an initiative and build unique features to the products you work on. Show your skills to the product manager of the company. Expose yourself to the CEO. Involve yourself with product managers more and learn from them. Plus, it is always a good thing to get an additional certificate on product management. After that, you can opt for a Product Management Internship within the company or outside. A product management internship will show you all the little things that you need to learn about product management.

Once you have a certificate and internship under your belt, you are all set to opt for the product manager role. The transition can take time but it should happen. If your current job does not have an opening for a product manager, you can always search and go to a different company which will value your hard work.

However, remember that there is no prescribed path to become a product manager. Also, you don’t need a technical degree to become a product manager. A person holding an MBA degree is eligible for the job role as well. However, in a technical field, you will have a bit of an edge due to your technical expertise. So, become a master of your field.

Some important tips

If you are on your way to becoming a product manager, you should prepare yourself in this manner:

  • Learning: You should always be in an active learning mode. Be passionate about your products and the new products that come in the market. Learn about their back story- learn what makes them special. HackerNews and Product Hunt are great sites to refer to. Also, start reading more on products and product management. You can go for Inspired or other books like Cracking the PM Interview. To power yourself with different capabilities, you can check out the courses by CodingNinjas.
  • Networking: Go out and learn more about people and their demands. Create a network of different software developers and product managers. Talk to other entrepreneurs, growth hackers and engineers. The more you talk and create networks, the more chances you create for yourself. You become exposed to a larger audience, you learn more about product manager and you become aware about your goal. Hackathons are a great way to create networks. You can also follow Lean Product & Lean UX.
  • Building Products: Product management has a lot to do with customer satisfaction, feedback loop, understanding trends and learning from mistakes. Even if your company does not demand it, you can always build new products on the side and try to understand customer demands. By building new products and teaming up with other people, you can understand how to work in teams as well as engage in some managerial activities. Along with that, you build up your reputation as a product manager which will further your chances to become a product manager in the future.

While there may not be a sure way to become a product manager, you can learn a lot from the process. Be active in learning and always take the initiative to do something better. Lead your own life, take action – make it go to the places you desire to achieve. 

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