Internship Talk with Arushi Garg

It helped me polish my coding skills further & improved my debugging skills to a huge extent.


Her amazing experience and what she loved!

The Coding Ninjas competitive course – Eminence has given me the edge required in this competitive world, helped me build my problem-solving abilities, improved my coding and eradicate my weaknesses. The course content was brilliant and covered over everything right from the very basics to the expert level. Also, we could view the leader board throughout the course, so we were always motivated to stay in the top few. The teaching assistants were of help too. In fact, Coding Ninjas also allowed gave me an opportunity to become a teaching assistant. It helped me polish my coding skills further and improved my debugging skills to a huge extent. Overall I had a great experience, and Coding Ninjas course helped me learn a lot.

 Interview experience

It was mainly about Data Structures and a few general questions. Data structure are an essential concept for all the interviews, and the course content really helped me to gain knowledge about it.

Advice to Current Students!

Not only just try to solve a large number of question but also find about the various ways to do it and how to find the most optimal solution. Try to get a conceptual understanding of the problem so that you can apply the same concept to many other problems too.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

Coding Ninjas is the best place to strengthen your concepts in programming, and the course content is structured in a very proper way. Also, the environment will keep you motivated throughout. The TA support will help you whenever you are stuck.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

Upskilling Indian engineers to help land dream jobs with Ninjas Career Camp.

Indian coders are all the rage in the IT industry across the world. At home though, the competition for glory is tough and even an uphill task for many. At CodingNinjas, we wish to change the same. Students shouldn’t have to worry so much about quality tech education and jobs after they’re done with their courses. 

Among most students and passed-out students, the notion that you have to be from a premier tier-1 or tier-2 college to land a quality placement is common. While it is true that being from colleges such as IIT, BITS, and NITs gives you an upper hand, that is not the ultimate deciding factor. At the end of the day, its all about how good of a problem solver you are!

Enters Career Camp by CodingNinjas

To bridge this skill gap between the aspirants and their dream tech job, CodingNinjas has launched one of its kind 6-month career program that aims at helping you to land the dream tech job you want. The convenience of being able to learn from home and not having to pay any upfront fees really set Career Camp apart. 

With Career Camp, we wish to upskill the candidates with the modern industry-leading courses and study material. We have curated this program with the utmost care to make sure that all the candidates are able to land their dream jobs. 

Best courses taught by the best mentors

With Career Camp, we are not looking to create just another course like the ones we have had in our colleges for decades. Here, we are looking to make candidates ready for the industry instead of just making them memorising books and notes. To do this, we got the best mentors and instructors to help the candidates every step of the way. 

Here’s how Career Camp works

In Career Camp, we have devised the complete plan that ensures complete success for all the candidates. Here’s how it works: 

Application: The first step for getting into this program is to go to our Career Camp page and apply. Once you have successfully submitted your application, we will get in touch with you. 

Screening: Once all the applications have been reviewed, the candidates will be needed to appear in an online test. In this online test, questions from Aptitude and basic programming will be asked. Upon successfully passing this test, we will conduct interviews that will help us to understand you better. 

The Game Plan: Once you have been enrolled in the Career Camp program, the learning schedule will be shared with you. Using regular video tutorials and mentor interactions, we will ensure that you are ready for the real world challenges. We have also added industry projects and online webinars in the program, to make sure that no stone is left unturned. 

Landing the dream job: Once you are done with the program, you will be ready for landing your dream job. Since our students have already bagged numerous placement offers in organizations such as Amazon, Ola, and many others, we know what all is needed to make you ready for the dream job. 

So, this was all you needed to know about our Career Camp program. Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us. You can also have a look at the FAQs to answer any doubts you might be having. 

Sites and tools for competitive programming

As a coder, you should not be satisfied with just reading and coding on your computer. For developing your coding skills, you need to test yourself. You need to take yourself outside your comfort zone and evaluate how you perform. That’s what different coding competitions do for you. As you compete for a prize against several experienced coders, you can really feel the heat of coding under pressure. Plus, it will push you to execute shorter and quicker codes, enhance your problem-solving skills and make you a much better coder than before.

pasted image 0 (3)

You might be already planning to take part in a coding competition. Well, competitive programming is not easy. However, many sites and tools on the internet can help you with your coding and mould you into a good contender for the first prize in any coding competition. Here are the sites that can help you develop or improve your coding skills:


This is a US site which hosts 1.5-hour Single Round Matches.Topcoder has a specialty along with hosting these matches: they even host Topcoder Open tournament every year. On top of that, you also get tutorials written by respected and experienced Topcoder members. 


HackerRank is a famous site for people aspiring to participate in coding competitions. The site is focused on competitive programming challenges, hosting CodeSprints, 101 Hacks, HourRanks and Week Of Code contests every month. It even provides the learning tracks of different programming languages and topics.


CodeChef is an Indian site which hosts 3 contests every month. It has a Long Challenge, which is a 10-day challenge, a shorter Cook-Off challenge and Lunchtime Challenges. For beginners, the Long Challenge is a great place to start. CodeChef also organizes the CodeChef SnackDown coding competition every year.


This Indian company focuses on hiring challenges and competitive programming. It conducts Circuits every month and shorter challenges called HourStorms. Circuits are generally 9-day long. HackerEarth hosts competitions in several colleges all over the country too.


During programming contests, you can use a number of tools to debug a problem or highlight a problem. These are a few tools that can be really helpful for you:

Online IDE’s

  • Ideone – This is a commonly used sharing and testing code. You can easily make an account and save your programs here. However, it does not show the execution time of a program.
  • Codechef/Rextester/Codeforces: Unlike Ideone, these sites will also show the execution time of your programs. With Rextester, you can even develop an execution command for your program too.


  • CSAcademy IDE: This IDE has all the features of the previous IDE’s along with a workspace which helps you to work on several files simultaneously. This IDE has a ‘stderr’ stream too, so you can debug statements using ‘cerr<<’ debug statements.
  • HackerRank IDE: This IDE can be used on its problem pages. An advantage it has over other IDE’s is that it can display the gdb stack trace when there are runtime errors. Hence, you can understand which line the specific segmentation error occurred. 

Difference Checker


Stress testing is a great way to find out a bug in an algorithm. Stress tests mean to generate a large set of random test cases and then, to check if the efficient algorithm and the brute force algorithm agree with one another. The tools that can be used for this are: CSAcademy Difftool and Diffchecker.

Online Debugger


You can use OnlineGDB for debugging the code. It is a compiler and is also a debugger for a number of languages.

Online Formatters


If you want to share your code so that others may look at it, it is best to format it in a way that makes it easy for others to read it. Online code formatters are a great way to go. Some online code formatters are:, CodeBeautify formatter and the TutorialsPoint formatter.

Visual Tools

If you are not able to visualize a problem properly, you can use Geometry Widget and Graph Editor.

You can use VisuAlgo for featuring animations for algorithms and data structures.

You can also visualize data structures, operations and algorithms using Algorithm Visualizer.

Problem Archives

Browsing through Archives can be a great way to enhance your coding skills. Here are a few archives that you can go through:


This archive consists of several solved classical problems as well as discussion forums. It is a great archive for beginners.


UVa OJ is a famous archive with more than 3500 programming problems. This archive is generally used with Competitive Programming 3 textbook written by Steven and Felix Halim. 


This archive has thousands of problems but the best part is that they are divided as per their category. You can even learn a new skill and go through problems related to that. This archive also features Codeforces ladders. In Codeforces ladders, you can join the ladder based on your Codeforces rating. You can then solve the necessary problems required for your skill level.

Project Euler Archives


This is a great archive to challenge your coding and mathematical skills. You will face a series of challenging problems, whose difficulty will increase as you proceed further. It’s a great way to take you out of the comfort zone.

Google CodeJam Archives

In this archive, you will face the problem of Google CodeJams from previous years.

If you wish to get proper training on competitive programming as well as code in a competitive programming environment, then you should enroll yourself in a course. Coding Ninjas has a great course designed only for coders who want to participate in coding competitions. It has an ongoing leaderboard to evaluate your submission and is powered by Codezen, a great online coding platform. Plus, it’s Online!

Use these tools and sites and get an edge in the coding competitions. Best of luck.

Internship talk with Ajay Bhardwaj

Concepts taught in Coding Ninjas would be sufficient to crack the interview.

His amazing experience and what he loved!

Coding Ninjas is an excellent platform to learn and practice Data structure and algorithms. The mentor here is too good and helpful, and TAs are very friendly and helpful. The coding platform is also very good, and the course is prepared to crack any interview. There are a lot of questions on codezen for practice. Multiple approaches are being taught for the same questions. There were doubt sessions (online and offline) which were really helpful. There were tests, too, which help in increasing confidence. Overall it was a nice experience.

Interview experience

The interview round was mainly Data Structure and Algorithms and Projects mentioned in your Resume. Although there were few critical topics like Binary Trees, HashMaps, Heaps and Dynamic Programming. The level of Questions was medium. Questions from a few other topics like OS, DBMS, Networks were also asked in the first technical round.

Advice to Current Students!

Concepts taught in Coding Ninjas would be sufficient to crack the interview. You have to practice a lot of questions. Questions provided on CodeZen are sufficient and practising them would be really helpful.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

I strongly recommend Coding Ninjas to friends considering the course syllabus and mentor.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

Things every 3rd year must remember about placement preparations

The 3rd year can be a bit stressful for many students. Only one year left and then you have to hustle for a job. As a 3rd year student, it’s best to start preparing for your placement from now. Since you will have to tackle both college education and the placement preparations simultaneously, it can seem like a burden. How can you tackle it now? But the pressure will only increase in your 4th year. Time is of the essence, so it’s best to seize the opportunities NOW. Here are some of the things that 3rd-year students should remember when they are preparing for the placement procedure:

Work on at least 2 technical projects on your own

download (1)

When you go for an interview in a big tech company, the focus of the interviewer will be on your personal projects. This will show them that you take initiatives from your side to work outside your college syllabus. It shows that you are resourceful, creative and would go out of your way for personal growth. So, in your third year, try to at least work on 2 technical projects – be it building a website, an Android app, etc.

Prepare for Aptitude Tests
Aptitude tests are an underestimated part of the placement procedure. While you might be technically skilled, there is a chance that you may falter while taking the aptitude test. Start practicing really well for aptitude tests. Try to maximize your speed in the logic and quantitative aptitude sections. Read a lot of English newspapers to tackle the verbal section. Start solving CAT question papers to master Aptitude tests.

Prepare Case Studies
A few companies would discuss different case studies and ask you to solve them in the interview or Group Discussion round. Go through the different case studies of top tech companies, and read how they solved it. Form your own idea of the solutions. It will expand your problem-solving skills and help you evaluate different cases from a corporate point of view.

Prepare for interviews

pasted image 0 (1)

You can start preparing for interviews when you are in the 3rd year. Read up on the placement stories of successful candidates to find out about the questions that they had to face. Try to understand the unique-factor in their replies that got them a job in companies like Google, Amazon or Facebook. Interviews, in general, can be scary. You tend to get nervous. So, conduct mock interviews with friends to ease out the pressure when it’s time to sit before an actual interviewer.

Regular GD with hostel mates or friends
Group Discussion or GD is an important round in the placement procedure. You have to stand out during the GD to actually make a mark in the eyes of your recruiter. But if you are suddenly placed in the group discussion room, you might go all sweaty. So, it’s best to conduct regular GD with your friends or hostel mates. Take up a problem or a case study and start a GD on it. Make it a bit fun too.

Try to get an internship at a good company

While the pressure is quite high during your college years, it will benefit you if you start an internship at a good company. As an intern, you get a much more in-depth knowledge of how your ‘education’ is applied in the real world. It’s a great update for your CV too. Plus, you get to meet new people and create a network. If you do well in the company, you might even be offered a pre-placement offer even before you graduate. 

When it comes to internships, it is important to understand the kind of company you should do one with. Should you do an internship at a startup or an enterprise? Well, there are two ways to look at it. By having an internship with a startup, you demonstrate enthusiasm and zeal. However, with large enterprises, you can demonstrate professionalism and meticulous behavior. The right thing to do here would be to balance it out. We all know that you need to have 2-3 internships on your CV. You can keep it as a mixture of internship with a startup, one with a big enterprise company, and one research fellowship at a reputed university if it’s something that interests you.

Participating in Coding Competitions


Coding competitions are a great way to improve your coding skills. Additionally, it can also be a great update for your CV. If you get a good rank in a coding competition or even get a prize, you can update it in your CV. Your recruiter will focus on your personal achievements. A coding competition acknowledgment will tell them that you are an efficient coder who can work well under pressure.

Keep your CV updated
Always keep your CV updated. If you have won a prize in a coding competition or are pursuing an additional technical course, write it in your CV. It should have all the information about your personal projects and internships too.

So, start your preparations and best of luck. Keep your fingers crossed. If you play your cards right, you might get your dream job in one of the top tech firms!


Coding Ninjas Career Camp: Helping students land their dream jobs at zero upfront fees!

Landing a tech job in this highly competitive industry is one tough task for students. The sheer amount of competition just for the chance of getting an interview at top tech giants is enough to make a grown man shudder. It is true that companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft offer some of the highest packages for tech jobs, but it is also well-known that getting a job at the level of these tech giants is no easy feat. Students work night and day, 24 hours, 7 days a week, just to fight for a chance of being interviewed by their dream companies. 

What if this hard, grueling process was made easier?

Coding Ninjas Career Camp– helping students land their dream jobs

Coding Ninjas, helping students learn the ins and outs of development and programming since time immemorial, has launched Coding Ninjas Career Camp- a 6-month course dedicated to helping students find their dream tech jobs at some of the best companies in the world.

As part of this 6-month program, students are taught the intricacies of the business world of tech and software. With rigorous training, mentorship, guidance, and seminars, students are made job-ready, so that they can land interviews at their dream tech companies. Industry-level interview preparation is what Career Camp aims to provide students, with a major focus on subjects like Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, System Design, and other fundamentals. Not only this, mock interviews by industry experts are also conducted, so that students can get a look and feel of what it feels like to be interviewed by a tech giant like Microsoft.

What does the Career Camp offer students?

Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp offers world-class benefits to participating students. A complete experience to help them learn programming and secure jobs like never before, Career Camp offers the following benefits-

  • Content tailored to the industry

In order to teach students the skills that the industry requires, Career Camp consists of a plethora of pre-recorded lectures by some of the industry’s leading figures, to be watched at the students’ own convenience. Throughout the camp, students would be exposed to many projects and write thousands of lines of code, thereby increasing their programming proficiency.

  • Doubt resolution and competent faculty

For every 10 students, a Teaching Assistant (TA) will be provided, who will be available on video call, chats, as well as voice calls for students to solve any and all of their doubts. These TA’s are top performing alumni of Coding Ninjas, specially selected for this purpose.

  • Industry level exposure

The Career Camp helps students build their profile and resume to match exactly what top tech companies desire. Mock interviews are held time and again to aid students in getting familiar with the industrial interview process, so that students can ace their interviews when the time comes. With over 170 companies hiring from Coding Ninjas, this industry level exposure can take students places!

Zero fees upfront

The best part about Coding Ninjas Career Camp is that students can choose to pay no fees upfront, only paying back when they land their desired job. The Career Camp offers a minimum 5 LPA job guarantee, with salary ranging from 5-20 LPA depending upon the job profile. 

The payment options for students include the standard option, with INR 50000 upfront fees and 7.5% of salary for up to 2 years, capped at INR 150000. 

With the “Hack” payment option, students can choose to pay nothing upfront, and only begin paying back when they land a job, with the amount being 15% of the salary for 2 years capped at INR 300000.

If students are not able to get a job higher than the minimum offer guarantee, then they are not liable to pay anything back to Coding Ninjas. 

Coding Ninjas Career Camp is currently available for full stack web development role, with other profiles soon to be offered to students in the near future. Dreaming of a tech job at one of the giants? Career Camp will surely take you there!

Internship talk with Rishabh Singh

A great place to build your foundation!


His amazing experience and what he loved!

My experience with Coding Ninjas has been phenomenal. The faculty was great and the courses consisted of various kinds of topics in detail to learn.

Interview experience

It consisted of 3 rounds where they asked about Arrays, Bit Manipulation, Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems.

Advice to Current Students!

Whenever you take any course do the course with full dedication and devotion in order to take the maximum out of it. The courses offered become excellent not only because of the faculties or the material provided but also due to the efforts put in by the student side. After completion of the course don’t forget to keep your coding skills intact by practising on online coding websites like Codechef, Codeforces etc.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

Coding Ninjas is a very good platform to develop a great foundation in coding and development.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

Future of software development in India

Let’s face the truth: Coding is difficult. Yes, it can be a very exciting affair at first, but it requires a lot of effort. You are likely to sit in front of the computer screen for hours to code. You have to always keep yourself updated with the new trends in the field of technology and also, enter coding competitions to test yourself. Coding requires you to invest your entire self into it. However, you have always known that the prospects of coding are good. The market will likely have a job opening for you if you do well.

pasted image 0

But then again, you might have often thought about the real future in software development in India. While the world of technology is always evolving and changing, are there enough options available in India? 

Let’s first decipher the statistics. As of February 2019, the IT industry has contributed about 7.9% of the GDP of the country. It created about 1,05,000 jobs last year. The IT industry has helped to fuel the rise of startups in India with more than 5,200 startups appearing in 2018. 

As per the statistics, the IT industry has a compound annual growth rate of 10.71% and is estimated to reach US $350 billion by the year 2025. So, it’s clear that the software industry is and will be booming.  But in what avenues?

Firstly, we have to understand why there has been such massive growth in the software industry in the last decade. It is because of the digitization phase. More and more people were gaining access to the internet. People were slowly realizing the need for computers and hence, computers entered in almost every household. This resulted in a major requirement of employees in the IT sector in the last decade. The digitization phase is almost over now. And so, you can’t expect the same kind of demand for software engineers in this age.

However, smart work and planning can still make you an in-demand software developer.

pasted image 0 (1)

  • Automation seems to be the new path that most industries are going to follow. And so, it’s time to put our focus on machine learning tools. Many of the previous programming languages remain popular, like Java. However, new trends in machine learning are bringing languages like Python in the forefront. So, machine learning will be a major trend in the software development industry of India.
  • Make in India and several other government schemes are geared to create new jobs in the IT field and hence, advance the software development scene in India.

pasted image 0 (2)

  • Marketing has undergone a massive change around the globe since the Internet entered our lives. We are now able to collect data and analyse it to understand marketing trends and changes in consumer demands. Cloud computing has made it easier to store huge amounts of data too. Big Data analysis using languages like Python and R, as well as Data science will be on the rise and will collaborate with the software development world.
  • Banking, finance, and manufacturing sectors are trying to automate their processes. So, they will require new software and updates to ensure a fluent automation process can be put in place. It is in these sectors that software developers will be required.
  • Startups continue to rise in India. With startups, there will be a need for website development, web apps, and even chatbots. Plus, digital marketing companies are also on the rise. These startups will rely on computers, the internet and various software to help their businesses.
  • The rise of automation with AI and Machine Learning has been all the rage recently. Come to think of it, Machine learning is a subset of AI. To succeed in the future of software development, working with supervised and unsupervised training models with ease would be a key factor.
  • It is clear that the world is slowly moving towards automation. This might strike fear in the hearts of many people since automation means dismissal from jobs. However, software developers and programmers will be required to maintain these systems. Hence, if you choose to make smart coding choices and choose the right course, then you will not be considered irrelevant in the future.

Remember, qualifications play a major role in this industry. A person with a Master’s degree in Computer Science will get a job sooner and in a much higher position than a person with a Bachelor’s degree. Also, your coding experience and external certificates will matter. If you have taken part in coding competitions and won prizes, that will be relevant too during the interviews.
Build up your credentials and make smart choices for yourself. It will help your journey in the future world of software development in India. To equip yourself with the best-in-class capabilities, you can explore some of the new courses at CodingNinjas.

Big Data : What is it, and how to get into it? A guide for beginners

The world has undergone a massive change since the Internet entered our lives. It continues to change as more and more people gain access to the internet. In the last five years, there were over a billion internet users all over the world. It is estimated that about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. Such a massive amount of data has a lot of potential hidden in them. 

It can be analyzed and used to understand patterns and trends in consumers and help businesses to modify their products or marketing strategies. Big Data is referred to such a large amount of data that can be analyzed for knowledge and used for machine learning purposes. Previously, we had access to large amounts of data too. 

But storing them was a very expensive affair. But now, with more computing power and cheaper storage alternatives, like cloud storage, the big data industry is flourishing in the tech world. It is clearly going to be one of the hottest jobs in the coming years.

pasted image 0 (14)

Roles in the big data industry

There are many different roles that an individual can take up in the big data industry. However, broadly, it can be categorized into two groups: Engineering and Analytics.

Big data engineering:  Big data engineering deals with planning and maintaining a system to handle large amounts of data. These systems are put in place to make relevant data available for various internal applications.

Big data analytics: Big data analytics is about using large amounts of data from the systems and analysing trends and patterns from the data. It also deals with developing various prediction and classification algorithms from the data.

So, which field is most suitable for you? It will depend on your interest and your background. However, both these roles are equally essential in the big data industry. The world of big data is quite dynamic and it keeps changing. So, you can expect exciting innovations happening in this field in the coming years.


Your background knowledge will be given a lot of weight when you are entering the field of big data. Big data industries require similar skill sets as machine learning industries and data science industries. Two extremely important skills are:

pasted image 0 (15)

  1. Mathematics and Statistics: You should be well-versed in several topics like calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics. It will help you learn different machine learning techniques like linear and logistic regression, decision trees, random forests, KNN’s and vector machines.

pasted image 0 (16)

  1. Programming: You have to get yourself acquainted with a few programming languages if you want to deal with Big Data. The most popular programming languages in this field are R and Python. Learn more about visualisation, data analysis and machine languages. For Python, you need to learn about NumPy, Pandas, SciPy, scikit-learn, etc. If you are going for R, then learn diplyr, readr, tidyr, etc. To be a data scientist, you have to be well-versed with SQL too.

Technologies in demand

Now, you know the basics of Big Data and what your background should be if you want to enter this field of Big Data. However, not every technology is equally respected in the Big Data Industry. While the big data industry is always evolving, these technologies have made a positive mark in this industry:

pasted image 0 (17)

Apache Hadoop: This is an open-source software framework which allows large scale processing of data sets on clusters of commodity hardware. A few components of Hadoop which are in high demand are Pig, Hive, HDFS, HBase, etc.

  • Amazon S3: This is a cloud tool which is quite popular in the big data field. It is best if you are familiar with it.

pasted image 0 (18)

  • Apache Spark: Like Hadoop, this is another big data computation framework which is gaining a lot of popularity in the big data field.
  • NoSQL: Many traditional SQL databases like Oracle and DB2 are getting replaced by NoSQL databases which include MongoDB, Couchbase, etc.

If you have the knowledge and if you constantly work to improve your skills, then getting hired in a tech firm for big data analysis will be easy. Just keep yourself updated with the latest technology, interact with the community of coders, and work on yourself. If you wish to take a course on data science, CodingNinjas has just the best one to offer. Be patient and persistent and one day, you will receive your desired job offer!

How to build an awesome resume worthy for Google, Facebook or Amazon?

You have completed your education or you are near the end of your final session. Now, you are ready to apply for jobs in top tech firms. The common dilemma among several aspiring job applicants is: How do I start? Well, the first step is by crafting a fantastic resume. The famous saying ‘First impression is the last impression’ turns out to be quite true when you apply for jobs. Your first impression is the resume. The presentation of your resume, along with the credentials, will make it stand out among the thousands of applications that tech firms receive. The competition is extremely high, and you must have everything in your favour to get to the interview level. Here are some of the ways in which you can make your resume stand out:

  1. Resume length


Your resume should not be more than one page. Recruiters have limited time, and they will always prefer brief and concise resumes. If your resume is long, the chances are that the recruiters will just shove it away and pick up the next one.

  1. Making it readable

Just opting for a concise resume will not work. Cluttered and unattractive resumes will put off the recruiter instantly. So, increase the readability of your resume by proper spacing, bullet points, and using an appropriate font. However, do not make it too extravagant. Find a balance to keep the resume attractive and informative.

  1. Sections


Your resume should be divided into several brief sections: Contact Information, Education, Work Experience, Personal Projects, Skills and Interests, and finally, Honors and Awards (if any). Out of these, Personal Projects might be the one section that attracts the recruiter most, so, ensure that you add it.

  • Contact Information: The contact information should be next to your name and should be easy to spot. Your name should be placed at the top of the resume. Then, you should put your phone number, address, email, and social media links like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Education: The education section should be brief and should list your education in descending order. If you are a graduate, then you should first place your most recent college education (related to technology). If you have any additional certificates, list them properly after your college education. If you are still a student, then mention that you are still pursuing a specific course. This shows that you are willing to learn more. However, only include the courses which are related to the job you are applying for. A course in ‘English Language’ will not help if you are going for a technical position.
  • Work Experience: The recruiter will not focus on all kinds of work experiences that you might have. So, it’s always better to enumerate those kinds of work experiences which show that you are suitable as a software engineer or a good coder. Mention the firms you worked for and your job position in them. Also, list the achievements under every job title. If you do not have any work experience, then you can skip this section and go for the Personal Projects section.
  • Personal Projects: This section is quite unique for software engineers. In this section, you have the freedom to include many independent projects that you have undertaken besides your college projects. This could include Python scripts, a working web page, developing a mobile application, etc. The more personal projects you add, the more creative you will appear to the recruiter. It shows that you are willing to take the initiative and build something independently.
  • Skills: In this section, you can add key technical words and skills asked in the job description. The more skills you add, the higher will be your chances of getting recruited. Only add the skills relevant to the job position that you are applying for. However, don’t just randomly add whatever skills you find in the job description. You will be questioned on each of the skills that you mention.  
  • Honors and Awards: You have included all the relevant credentials in your resume. Now, it’s time to back them up with some awards and honors. If you have received any scholarships or awards in the technical field, this is the section where you mention them. It will make you appear as a reliable and high-performing individual.

So, while you are crafting your resume, keep these important pointers in mind. Let your powerful resume speak for you and you can expect a call for Google, Facebook, or Amazon at any moment! Keep your fingers crossed. For the best placement preparation, you can also go for the courses provided by CodingNinjas