Your ultimate cheat sheet to do’s and dont’s at an interview

Is there a magical formula which cuts into the interview and gets you hitched with your dream job? Nope, none as yet but what you do have is a set of do’s and don’ts which should which helps you to ace the interview. So let’s take a quick look at them:

Dress well: An interview is a formal meeting, you will get judged by your clothes. You cannot just expect the interviewer to applaud you if you walk in with your checkered boxers and crappy hair. Dress well, be poised not too gaudy neither too shady just a mix of decent colors and what suits you well. You may cross my statement by saying startups these days do not care what you wear. Of course, there is casual clothing allowed at startups and big firms too but you are going for a job interview, not a pool party!

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  • Plan to arrive early: Getting to the venue at least half an hour early is always a plus. First, you do not have to panic about getting late and second getting used to the surroundings and people calms your nervousness down.

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Have a firm handshake: Your first impression is the last impression. Walk into the room with grace and your head held high. There is nothing to be ashamed of, walk in your stride and have a firm handshake with the interviewers.

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Tailor your resume and conversations well: Your resume should be ready to suit the job description. Same goes for your conversations do not talk or mention irrelevant stuff. Have contextual conversations around the skills and job. The interview is about you and your skills and you should leave no stone unturned to tell how you’re a perfect fit. Talk about your experiences and recent internships, get them interested into what else you do outside the box.

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Ask questions: Do not hold yourself back. Your inquisitiveness may be the road to your success. When the interviewer asks you whether you have any questions or not, do not shy away. Ask about the company, ask about your job make them feel you’re actually interested in the job. If you get a chance to take their mail id or so, write back to them about the great experience you had.

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  • Do not overdress or underdress.
  • Never-ever-ever be LATE for an interview, puts your punctuality and sincerity at stake.
  • Being confident is good but over confident is not.
  • Retrain from blabbering, listen carefully and answer. It’s okay if you do not know an answer, beating around the bush and wasting both your and interviewer’s time is not a good move.
  • Do not be afraid, the interviewers will not beat you up. I know this is easier said than done. I’ll give you a quick tip- look at the interviewers while talking but defocus them or look at the gap between two eyes. This ensures eye interaction and also does not make you nervous.
  • Do not have a lanky posture and do stuff like moving your legs and rubbing your hair. Walk on your heels, do not drag. Sit upright, no crossed legs or folded arms.
  • Do not be casual and use the jargons we millennials use every day in our lives. No ‘I wanna’, ‘I Gotcha’, ‘Sumfin’ or facebook and Whatsapp language are permitted. Be careful of what you speak.
  • Do not let your talks go haywire. eg. You are applying for a data analyst position and talking about your in-plant industrial skills will not be making sense. Have contextual talks, add your own elements and make it interesting.
  • Don’t inquire about salary, vacations, bonuses, retirement, or other benefits until you’ve received an offer.
Atta boy, soldier! Confident much eh? Wait until you nail your next interview!
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Your Cheat Sheet To Tech Jobs

An army of techies are making rounds to find that perfect tech job every year. You have two options; follow the herd and knock the gates with your average skills or stand out of the crowd to make way. Navigating across job applications and interviews can award you a bagful of stress and anxiety. You need to have a better understanding of what a recruiter wants to land up with that perfect job. Now, this comes with an additional responsibility of having a unique combination of skills and personality. So the question here really is that with so many people competing at once, how does one stand out of the crowd?
Here are some tips rolling in from some of the most illustrious recruiting managers of the tech industry.

Show ’em that you are deploy ready: No matter how much your resume speaks, companies want to be certain you are adept at the skills required for the job. Many a times, the companies don’t want to hire to train you, they want you to jump in and do the job. Read the job responsibilities well in advance, tailor your resume accordingly and make them believe you are a plug-and-play talent for the job!


  • Learn to code: Programming is an essential skill for tech professions. There are allotted scores for languages such as C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic and more. Basic knowledge of coding and problem solving is a must for the entrants. There’s no second way to that so why lose out on it? Start your coding journey today with us. Coding Ninja offers you an array of courses and bootcamps to choose from. It’s never too late to start if you want to.


  • Interdisciplinary skill sets: Employers want their employees not only collaborate with a team of people from different departments but also to think like them to make working together easier. Showcase your cross disciplinary skills to the recruiter. Tell them about what else out of the box skills you’ve acquired over time. Read, study and know about the functions outside of yours.


  • Love the company, do your homework well: Everybody wants a job which is more than a paycheck. Similarly companies want employees who believe in the company, are aligned with the goals and ideals and make work their passion. You always need to make that first impression right. Don’t apply for a job just for the sake of it. Study about the job role, company profile, work culture etc. and show what an ardent fan you are of the company and their ideals.


  • Stay hungry, stay foolish: Your inquisitiveness paves your way to success. Come up with your own questions, don’t be a programmed robot. Your pro-activeness will showcase your personality. Besides, it’ll also make the recruiter believe you’re genuinely interested in the company and job.


  • Personality: Now this is an aspect in which only you can help yourself. Make your speech and text uptight. Dress up well, have some chivalry and confidence to exhibit your potential. Your presence in the room is what makes a difference. Get noticed or be invisible.



Follow these bare basics and be geared up for your next interview. You know what’s cooler? With over 2500 students, we at Coding Ninjas have been constantly striving to make your talent reach greater heights. Join us today to become a Code Ninja and be in the league of over 400 students who have bagged their dream jobs with top Multinational giants.

Those 4 years are not just for getting a job! – Things a collegiate should know

College, the 4 important years of our life which decides our future.
It’s a mad competitive world out there and college prepares you for the run. Securing a job in the final year of college is the ultimate dream of every college student, rather perceived as one. We behave like programmed robots making our way to ‘a secured future’. But are these 4 beautiful years only to sit and study for a job? We are not born to pay bills and die. Similarly, a job is not the final destination to those wonderful 4 years of life!
Think deeper, let your mind fly and you’ll realize that there are limitless possibilities to what you can learn and achieve than merely a job from college.
Step out of the library: You might be a bookworm, get a huge GPA and still not be fit for the top companies. A holistic development is what the companies care about today. Everybody studies, what different did you do? It is really important to explore that ‘other side’ of yours. There is a life out of libraries and classrooms, let it unwind.
Acquire skills outside your curriculum: Your first and foremost compulsion is to fill your schedule with the subjects of the semester. But think outside the box, there are so many things to study and explore. Learn a bit to code, hone your problem-solving skills, learn a foreign language or stock trading or whatever interests you. Not just your domain subjects but also your life skills shape up your real world.
Learn to Code- Learning to code is the best gift you can give yourself. There is an ocean of open source resources that you can learn from and become a self taught developer. Break the myth that only Computer Science graduates can code. Today self taught coders are swiping away more high-profile jobs at megaliths like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Flipkart than ones with a Computer Science degree. Learning to code is not that big a deal, all you need to do is to take that first step. Apart from securing a decent job, learning to code enhances your problem-solving abilities and general rhyme and reason in life. We at Coding Ninjas have had the pleasure of helping over 2500 students in learning to code in different domains and secure over 400 jobs in top corporate companies. All they did was taking the right step, you can do that too.   
Focus on your verbal and nonverbal skills – The major concern of the big shot firms today is the lack of presentation, written and verbal skills in the millennials. Grammar and public speaking do not come in easy. We ignore this for the most of our college life and hustle in the last year. The result? Average vocabulary, grammar and soft skills.
Utilize the campus opportunities: Sports, Music, Dance, Event management and what not. Your university provides you with ample opportunities, the only problem is to take a step forward. Many people shy away from it, few think it’s useless and despise the people who are into this. But take a moment and think out loud, isn’t something better than nothing? Is sleeping in a dorm room better or organizing a hackathon? You decide.
Get an internship: Apart from giving you industry exposure, an internship gets you ready for the real corporate world. You meet new people, visit new places and get acquainted with the work life. It shapes up your personality and domain knowledge. An internship should never be decided based on what you’re studying right now. Rather it should be an escape to figure out what you actually want to do future.
Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs are born and brought up in the hostel corridors. Taking that one step to do something changes your life. Everyone wants to be a Steve Jobs, the least you could do is try. Working in minimal resources gives rise to ‘Jugaad’ and you understand the life better. It opens your eyes to the dimensions unknown and the lessons will stay with you for life. Develop an app, monetize an idea, join an NGO… make a difference and your life will be different. College life is the best time to take a step into entrepreneurship. You have resources galore and the opportunities of networking are just unimaginable. Moreover the entrepreneurship cells provide you the guidance and support required to build your own company brick by brick. Dream, run and fly!

5 reasons to be at CodeKaze

Code-Kaze is back with its third edition and this time you wouldn’t want to miss it for anything in the world! It’s triple the fun, challenge and prizes. Code-Kaze is an online coding challenge with a twist and you need to attend it to experience the awesomeness. Why should you attend it, you ask? Ninjas ahoy! Here are the top 5 reasons to participate in Code-Kaze.
  • Showcase your deadly Ninja skills: You have been sharpening your swords, it’s time that you strike. Put in your coding moves and stand out of the crowd. Competing in online challenges not only certifies your zest for coding but also aids in your portfolio building. Want a final revision before getting to the battle ground? Check out our ‘Challenge of the day’ here.
  • Race against time: Everybody runs the race but only the fastest wins. Code Kaze is not just about solving the problem statement but solving it faster than anybody else. Your brain and those code hands need to move at an equal pace. The fastest fingers will be the first!
  • Hone your skills: Attending the challenge can hone your important industry-specific job skills. Your problem-solving abilities and brain teasing levels will be skyrocketing. Every industry looks for a candidate who has sharp ideation and coding skills.The more you compete, better you become.
  • A truckload of Prizes: A Ninja’s dedication is worthy of a reward and we’ve got amazing rewards stacked up for you. Cash prizes worth INR 10,000 is what the winners take away. Oh yes! And besides the cash, there is a truckload of goodies as giveaways.
  • A rewarding experience: Code Kaze is an extremely rewarding experience! Let’s face it -creating something from scratch isn’t that simple. And there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than coding your heart out to see your solution come to life in just a matter of few hours. Not to mention, there are prizes galore and Ninja lessons to take away.
If it does not challenge you, it does not change you. Get rolling ninjas, register now!

A Complete Guide to Competitive Coding

What is competitive coding?
First things first, you must know what competitive coding means. It’s like a mind sport over the internet or LAN. A problem statement is thrown to the coders with provided specifications and guidelines and ‘Atta Boy!’ people get to work. Companies like google and facebook encourage these events for their employees on a regular basis. Competitive coding is a fad among the collegiate and graduates. And websites like CodeZenSPOJ, Codechef, and others are taking it to a whole new level.
What kind of problems does it have?
It consists of pragmatic usage of classical algorithms and data structures. Your creativity and problem-solving skills are what come into play next. A basic knowledge around things like Complexity Analysis and Discrete Mathematics is required to become a good problem solver.
The problems rotate majorly around:
  • Dynamic Programming (Knapsack, 8-queens, Traveling Salesman)
  • Backtracking (8-queens, Sudoku)
  • Greedy Algorithms (Matching Pursuit, Egyptian Fractions)
  • Sorting (Binary Search, Merge-sort)
  • Search/Path-finding (Breadth-First Search, Depth-First Search, Dijkstra)
  • Network Flow Problems (Minimum Cut, Max Flow)
  • Combinatorial  (Permutations, Calendrical Calculations)
  • Geometrical (Convex Hull, Minkowski Sum)

How can I get good at it?

They say that you need to strengthen your base notes to hit that high octave. Don’t you? So let’s get you started with some basic preparation here.
  • Get basic coding and hands-on knowledge on C, C++ or Java. These are the basic languages allowed in any programming competition. Check out our website for courses that can make you a coding rockstar!
  • Get hitched with an online judge. He will be the critic and guide on your road to code. CodeZen, HackerearthSPOJ, Codechef, Top coders are the ones recommended.
  • Read, practice, implement. There is an ocean of resources on the internet, all available for free. All you need to do is sit and code!
  • Practice as much as you can on popular topics like Graphs, dynamic programming, number theory, arrays etc.
  • When you’ve practiced enough, all that’s left is to participate. Participate in competitions as much as you can. With our Coding Ninja challenges, you can constantly workout and develop those coding biceps.
  • Read and react. Review the codes by top coders, understand their approach and try to outdo it. This is a very important aspect as you get a cheat sheet to what top coders do and how you can better your methodologies.
  • DON’T GIVE UP AND DON’T GIVE IN! I say this, because there is a difference between the two. You should be persistent and sincere no doubts about that but do not get stuck. The moment you feel that’s happening, take a break, get a beer/green tea 😉 or listen to your favourite song. Get back to work and if it still doesn’t work, move on!
Don’t wait up, pick up your Ninja code swords and cut through the world of competitive coding today!

A dummy’s guide to Machine Learning

“A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth 10 Microsofts”,said Bill Gates once.

Why would he possibly say something like that? A much-hyped tech jargon or something really mindblowing? What is Machine Learning anyway? Why should I learn it? Will it pave a successful career path for me?
Whoa! So many questions arise when a newbie hears about ML and AI. There are answers to each of the spread across the internet. All you need is to sit and surf through them. But how does one clear all the doubts in one shot? With this, ‘A dummy guide to Machine Learning’. .
WTF is Machine Learning anyway?
Data Sciences, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Computational Statistics… all these fancy words spin around your world? They sure would. So let me put it plain and simple. Machine Learning is about teaching computers how to learn from data to make decisions or predictions. It gives the computer to learn without being explicitly programmed. In short, you teach your computer how to think.
What are the types?
They are majorly of three types. The names and examples sum it all.
  • Supervised Learning– You apply rules/filters in your email inbox to directly delete or archive the spam messages from marketing channels.
  • Unsupervised Learning– Your camera automatically detects your face/smile.
  • Reinforced Learning– The self-driven cars having cameras, computer and controllers interacting with the roads and nearby surroundings/obstacles to give you a safe ride.

Why should I learn it?

Are you an Iron Man fan? Do you like Jarvis or not? Yes, you do. Wouldn’t it be cool to build one yourself? It’s a really fun and cool skillset with a huge global demand. Entry salaries start from $100k – $150k. Data scientists, software engineers, and business analysts all benefit by knowing machine learning. Big bucks, lots of fun and innovation, what else do you possibly need?
Are there any prerequisites?
You don’t need to be a pro mathematician or a veteran in programming to learn machine learning but you do need to get the basics right. For starters, a ground knowledge of these three are sufficient:
  • Python for data science
  • Statistics for data science
  • Mathematics for data science

Are there any practical examples of this theory?

Yes, there are plenty! In fact all around us. I’ll give you some everyday examples which you can relate to:
  • Notice the recommended products on Amazon and other e-commerce websites? They are all machine learning based recommendation systems. They learn from you- your surfing habits, purchasing behavior, history, and other traceable patterns.
  • Your iPhone opens with your thumbprint, it’s no different!
  • How can we miss out Siri if we talk about the iPhone? Same goes for the google assistant.
  • Tesla Self driven Cars and so much more.
When and where do I start?
Right away with us! We at Coding Ninjas constantly strive to get you the best courses and study resources to equip you with the latest and trending technology. Cognizance, a special workshop on Machine Learning will give you a 360-degree overview and hands-on working experience. Limited seats available register today!

Everything you wished you knew about Ruby on Rails


Airbnb, Scribd, Groupon, Kickstarter, Pitchfork, Soundcloud, Square, Yammer, Crunchbase, Slideshare, Zendesk, Github, and Shopify…. whooof! They all have one thing in common. Can you guess? Well, let me give you a hint here.
 “It’s a breakthrough in lowering the barriers of entry to programming. Powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks or months to develop can be produced in a matter of days.  “, says Tim O’ Reily in its honor. Getting intense is it? Let us cut the crap; it is none other than…..


Ruby on Rails! 
But what is so good about it? Why is it in the news anyway? Let me take you through a hyperloop journey on why you need to have Ruby on Rails as a skill set today.
The language
The language itself beholds so many surprises for you. It combines some of the best features of dynamic languages. Taking some of the best ideas from strongly typed, static languages and blending them with an object-oriented paradigm makes it super strong. The language has an affinity for getting stuff done with minimal coding. An open source language with a code based model having all the essential elements to make you fall in love with it.
Plenty of online resources and an ever thriving community, Codeacademy, Rails for Zombies, Treehouse, Learn Ruby the Hard Way and much more. A very well-documented language with an ever thriving community. There a thousand of meetups, code jams and hackathons you can go to almost every week. Trust me, all you need is a good dose of Ruby on Rails for the day.
A beginner’s best friend
Ruby is generous, ever forgiving and beginner friendly at every step. You do not need to remember to end your lines with a semicolon (;) or whitespace tabbing. It’s the teacher you always wanted. Forget to open or close the braces? Ruby will forgive you, grant you marks and make you win! You won’t need to know any SQL to use a database in your Ruby on Rails application which is just awesome. It also teaches you the best developmental practices. All in all its the code buddy, you always wanted.
Developer’s joy
Rapid developmental model, direct access to HTML, CSS and Javascript, full-stack development are few of the many benefits that developers see in ROR. It also has a wide coverage of vendor support and is gaining great traction across the globe. You may not see a number of job openings on this skill but more and more startups are hiring such developers to do many things at a go. All at lucrative payouts. Increased demand, inadequate supply… #ifyouknowwhatimean then grab the opportunity before it slips.
Such good stuff, I know you’re in awe by now. Don’t wait up, get-set-code and ride the Ruby on Rails with Coding Ninjas today!
Get details about Coding Ninjas Web Development Course: Alchemy
Sayonara Ninjas. 🙂

7 important skills of a kickass Coding Ninja!

It’s a Ninja world out there! Ninjas are lightning sharp and swift. And with the evolution of programming and programmers, a new breed of coders leveled up. These were the Samurais of the Code World, popularly known as a ‘Code Ninja’. Wondering who is a Code Ninja? Urban dictionary defines it as someone who has excellent knowledge in many programming languages. A Coding Ninjitsu defines the discipline and strategies that a Code Ninja follows for accuracy, speed and power. So here are some characteristics of a kickass coding Ninja:
Bugei (Martial Skills):
Great technical skills are the primary weapons or the Buki of a coding Ninja. He/She is not afraid of whatever comes in the way and ready to tackle it all. Years of experience and adding new languages to the stack from time to time builds up a master Ninja.
Willingness to learn:
Reason_2-01The school of learning (Kogaku) should always be resident in a Coding Ninja’s heart. Technology is always evolving and the skills and abilities of a coder need to be revised from time to time. It’s important that a coder has an interest in following the latest trends and is eager to participate in any continuing education opportunities that are available.
Aikijujutsu (Combative grappling):
Creating code is only part of the job, debugging is an important aspect. When the code doesn’t work as expected, a coder is expected to get to the root of the problem and fix it effectively.  A true coding Ninja prefers to carefully investigate his code and research possible issues until an answer is found instead of aimlessly editing the code.
Hensogakurejutsu (The art of blending): 
Some programmers require complete silence to concentrate, while others thrive in chaos. A true coding Ninja can thrive in any conditions to complete his errand.
Gowaza (Problem Solving/Hard Fighting skills):
A good coding ninja thrives on finding ways to make something work, despite the hurdles.  The problem-solving skills of a ninja enables him/her to break a complex problem bit by bit and find the road to glory.
Kurai Mori (Path of fire):
An ideal coding Ninja should be able to work in tight deadlines and stressed situations with utmost ease. He is unstoppable!
Keiraku (Art of planning):
Rather than beating around the bush and irrational strikes, a coding ninja always understands a problem, lays out a plan (pseudo codes, logos, logic maps, ERDs) and then executes it carefully.
Being a coding Ninja involves discipline and a lot of fun too! Unsure of the fun part? Well, we at Coding Ninjas make sure about that aspect. Visit our website today for the amazing challenges and learning camps and become a Coding Ninja today! Ready? Hit the code and shout Haiiiiyaaahuuuuu!!!!

5 kickass reasons why you should start learning Android Development today!

It’s not just a name but an experience. An experience that touched and changed our lives forever. Almost a decade ago, google launched this wonderful OS called ‘Android’ which redefined mobile experience forever.  An Android revolution had begun. And today?
With over 1.4billion active users in the world, it captures 87.5% of the total market share of global mobile operating system. The beauty of the OS lies in it being an open source operating system. That means it gives the leisure to use, or add, or even modify the source code depending on the needs of an individual/company. Today android powers billions of devices and is changing the mobile application industry inexplicably. Android development is one of the most sought after skills of 2017 and has been ruling the charts.
So why should you have an android developer badge up your shirt? Let us give you 5 solid reasons and you’ll know why.
1. You’ll fall in love with it, no doubts about that!
I have reasons when I make such a bold statement. Firstly android is an open source platform i.e.- that you are free to develop an app and deploy its prototype without spending a single penny! Then the ease of access, development and deployment make it a developer’s favorite. There is an insane amount of Android support available online at no cost. You can actually be a self-taught developer and make bucks out of it.
2. It’s an ever-growing market
Like dense Amazonian rain forests, the canopy of android is never ending. And when I say that, it’s both in terms of opportunities and ideas. The online Android community welcomes beginners with open arms. Want to know the number game? Here let’s take a look at them:
  • Over 1.5 million Android devices are activated across the globe every day.
  • There are over 2.2 million apps in Google Play store & growing!
  • Over 60% of Android apps are for free!
3. World’s largest app market to deploy and monetize your apps:
Every since Google’s Playstore came into existence, the joy of experiencing the apps has multiplied tenfold! Google pays millions of dollars every year to Android Developers. If you come up with something that becomes popular and sells really well, the monetization properties are endless. Let’s say you make a ‘hip and popular’ app and 0.001% of the android users download your app. Firstly, let me tell you there are over 60 million android users in India alone. So that makes it a total of 60,000 downloads and you price your app as low as 20 Rs.
Do the math, 60,000 * 20 = a whopping INR 1.2 million!
This and more with just 0.001% downloads in India alone! Even if your apps are free you can always earn through ads.
4. Job prospects and freedom
Today, business/brands want to reach out to their customers. Whether a profit or a non-profit organization, every company owns an app or are in the process of getting one. The demand for app developers is increasing at an exponential rate globally. The unique advantage of learning app development is that you can choose to work full-time or freelance. It gives you freedom and the right to choose to work for yourself or somebody else. Empowerment, freedom, and money! What else do you possibly need?
5. Sharp learning curve
There is no denying of the fact that Android is everywhere. Different devices mean different opportunities to learn and explore. Java and XML are the bare basics and it scales higher up as you proceed. There are endless opportunities to explore with Android which iOS doesn’t allow you to do. And the simplicity of the language gets you rollin’.
But self-learning seems too much of a work eh? Thomas Edison once said, ” Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and seems like work.” But wait, this one is already shouting out loud, so attend our Droid-it Android Workshop and get kickstarted into Android development!