Coding will always be the most important job skill! Read to know why.


As the technology rapidly progresses towards advanced domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, coding keeps gaining more and more momentum. This fact is backed by statistics too. According to Glassdoor, coding skills made up eight of the top 25 jobs in America in 2016. Then again, Burning Glass found that out of the 26 million job postings in 2015, nearly seven million job openings were for the positions that require coding skills and also that jobs requiring coding skills pay more – extra $22,000/year – than jobs that don’t.

According to the 2016 report by Burning Glass, the top coding job roles are:

  • Information Technology (IT) professionals
  • Data Analysts
  • Artists and Designers
  • Engineers
  • Scientists

So, why exactly has coding become so important in the job sector today? Here are four reasons why!

Coding Is Everywhere

Coding is no longer limited to the tech world, but it has worked its way into other parallels of the industry such as finance, business, healthcare, and so on. Today, business and institutions across the various sectors of the industry are always looking for talented coders who can simplify and smoothen the functioning of an organization and drive innovation. Then there are the tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple where the demand for young and talented coders is always high. And do we even have to remind you of the fact that the professionals working for these companies are paid handsome salaries and perks?

Automation Cannot Rule Humans – Not Anytime Soon

While it is true that the rapidly spreading wave of automation is threatening a number of conventional jobs, coders have nothing to worry about. Although machines are capable of performing certain tasks independent of human control, first they need to be trained and taught to do so. And who does that? Coders, of course. Coders bear the responsibility of creating such algorithms and code that can be fed into the machines for them to learn from experience and behavior. Thus, no matter how greatly AI evolves, someone always has to be there to show it the right way.

There Always Something New To Solve

Problem-solving, that’s what coding is essentially about. Coders create functional code and algorithms to solve myriad problems to enhance the overall efficiency and functionality of a software. Once a particular problem is solved, it doesn’t mean that a coder can now rest – a new problem only lurks around the corner and crops up out of the blue. So, there are always going to be problems to solve. Moreover, building a software is an inclusive process – different teams are involved in the crafting out the various pieces that go into making a software, thus, turning the process of software development into an art.

Understanding Big Data

While the world raves about Big Data and its importance, how many of us really know how to leverage Big Data to its optimum potential? Big Data is one complicated and intricate web of data that can only be demystified by data scientists and data analysts, after which coders take up the job of turning the extracted information into something valuable – a functional code. With Big Data gaining more and more important by the day, the job of coding is becoming all the more relevant in the industry.

One of the best thing about possessing coding skills is that you can either get into a career that requires coding or you could also morph into other jobs that do not require the skill such as an entrepreneur or a designer. The only thing different about you will be that you’ll have an edge – coding skills – that’ll enable you to accomplish a host of tasks yourself including website building and designing, enhancing your products/services, and much more.

So, how about giving it a try?


Placement talk with Nikhil

Take your fears way and Be a Ninja!

Nikhil Trehan-1

His amazing experience and what he loved!

I started Java with Data Structures course in May 2018, 3 months prior to my placement season. I was an intermediate programmer but was challenged in this course from the very start and the challenge kept on elevating as I went on. The mentors, Manisha ma’am and Ankush sir really broke down the concepts in a very easy to understand manner. The TA support was fabulous and the Code Share feature on CodeZen made it very convenient. I was able to overcome my fear of Dynamic Programming by the amazing tutoring done by Manisha ma’am in that section. Finally, I’d like to emphasize that not only were we taught how to solve a problem but also various methods to go by while solving them which was key in helping me get placed at Amadeus.


Interview experience

It consisted of Total 3 rounds where focus was on topics of Mathematics – basics of number theory and Data Structures – Linked List, BST, Graph and Hash Tables. Data structure are an important concept for all the interviews and  the course content really helped me to ace my interview.

Advice to Current Students!

Don’t just learn how to solve a problem, learn various methods of solving it and understand when to use a certain approach

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

Coding Ninjas is the best place if you want to strengthen your Data Structures and Algorithms concepts with amazing teachers and content which is structured in a way anyone can follow and will be challenged by. The TA support is a very big added support and will help you whenever you are stuck.

Thank you for constant support and guidance!

5 critical tips to learn programming faster


In today’s tech job market, coding has emerged as one of the hottest and most popular skills. Aspiring youngsters from around the world are rapidly leaping into this field, attracted by the myriad opportunities and salaries that coding jobs promise. However, this only means that the competition is higher and tougher than ever. Thus, to get on top of the ladder and be hired by the magnates of the tech world, you must keep your coding game on point!

The key is to ace programming. You’ve got to be a fast, yet efficient learner. Here are tips that’ll help you learn programmer faster!

  1. Get Handsy – Learn While You Write

No matter what discipline you choose to pursue, learning is always better when accompanied by hands-on practice. Although while reading up on a particular coding concept, it may seem very easy to you, putting it to a real-world use case is an entirely different thing altogether. As a beginner, you’ll often find yourself stuck in situations where you can’t remember a specific detail of a particular syntax if you don’t practice by implementing what you’ve learned by writing your own code.

  1. Build A Strong Knowledge Base Of The Fundamentals

If your foundation is faulty, you’ll never be able to perfect your programming skills. So, it’s important to master the fundamental concepts of coding such as variables, errors & exceptions, queues & stacks, streams, callbacks, and then move on to more advanced concepts such as reactive programming, declarative programming, imperative programming, and so on.

  1. Practice Coding By Hand

Although it may sound like a medieval technique now that we are super reliant on computers, however, trust us when we say, writing code by hand is one of the best practices every aspiring programmer should incorporate in his/her learning routine. When you start coding on pen and paper, you’ll see that it requires a lot of precision and planning. Also, when you write the code by hand, you can always check for errors and correct it without even having to run it first. This habit might just become a boon for you later in life when you are going to sit for job interviews. Interviewers often ask candidates to write the codes on paper or a whiteboard.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on a job prospect just because you cannot code on paper, do you?

  1. Don’t Hold Back In Asking For Help

Every programmer needs help, and that’s why there’s a whole community of developers and programmers dedicated to helping fellow programmers in times of need. If you find a bug in your code, be sure that someone has already faced the same problem at some point in time. Reaching out to others and asking for help from them not only allows you to learn different ways to solve coding problems but also to expand your network. Platforms such as Stack Overflow, Reddit, Hacker News, and SitePoint, among others.

  1. Explore Online Resources

In the beginning, it is very natural to get stuck. You might find certain concepts much difficult to understand than others. But don’t worry! There’s plenty of helpful and informative stuff online. You can try out learning platforms such as Codeacademy, Codewars, edX, Coding Ninjas, Coursera, and Udacity, to name a few.

  1. Try Tweaking The Sample Code

If you want to become an expert programmer, just reading the sample code won’t suffice. You must play and experiment with it. Try making minor modifications to the sample code and run it. See how those small changes alter the functionality of your code. Doing this will help you understand what works best for a code.

These six tips will surely help you learn to code faster and more efficiently, while simultaneously allowing you to improve your programming skills. Be patient with yourself. Don’t give up at the slightest of failures. Instead, try to come up with better solutions with every new try. Don’t view programming as a task, view it as a fun challenge and you’ll see the entire learning process has become more exciting.

Happy coding!


Placement talk with Apoorva

A place to be confident and enhance your skills!

Apoorva Balyan

Her amazing experience and what she loved!

Before joining the interview preparation course, I was not very confident and always doubted my coding skills. But as I began to learn the concepts like recursion, pointers etc my basics became very strong. This course really helped me to strengthen my concepts and definitely played a big role in getting placed. A big thanks to the faculty members. Now, I don’t doubt my coding skills at all.


Interview experience

It consisted of Total – 6 rounds(1 online test,1 written test,2 tech interview,2 Hr interview in which the focus was on topics Data structures like Hashmap,Queue,Stacks,Linked List,Graph(How they work,Implementation,Complexities etc),DBMS and SQL queries,OOPS,Networking.

Advice to Current Students!

 I would suggest you understand how things work and practice. That’s the main key to crack any coding interview.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

 Coding Ninjas played a big role in my placement. If you want to really understand things from a basic level and want to excel in technical interviews, Coding Ninjas is the best option.

Thank you for constant support and guidance!

Placement talk with Sagarpreet

A life changing experience!

Sagarpreet Chadha-1

His amazing experience and what he loved!

The journey of coding started here in the first year of college. I wanted to do learn Data structures and algorithms and wanted to equip myself with these weapons as soon as possible so that I can solve real-life problems of coding. The first course I did was the foundation course, C++. Initially, I wanted to do a Java course because I thought why not learn a new language? But after discussing with teachers in Coding ninjas, they made me realize that it is not the language that matters, it is the LOGIC.

The foundation courses are the state of the art courses, with each topic given adequate importance. Because of my fantastic experience, I decided to do the Android course in my summer vacations of the second year. The course was taken by Ankush sir. Yet again I was amazed by the quality of the course. The result of this course was that I made many awesome apps, launched some of them to Google Play Store, with one of the apps having 1000-5000 downloads as of Feb 2018. The latest course that I did was the Alchemy – Ruby on Rails course, taken by Arpan sir. First of all, I would like to give a BIG THANKS to Arpan sir for teaching this course in such an amazing way! After only 4 classes I realized I have become an expert in 4 languages. He also introduced me to the world of open-source.


Interview experience

It consisted of 4 rounds in which the focus was on topics like Graphs, Dynamic programming and Puzzles.

Advice to Current Students!

I would suggest them to practice a lot of problems.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

The thing I like the most about is that there is no barrier between students and teachers. The sir/mam taking the course ultimately becomes your best friend, so you can ask the dumbest of doubt without any hesitation and this is when TRUE learning can take place.

Thank you for constant support and guidance!

Internship Diaries with Ankit!

A place to learn from A to Z!

Ankit_Singla_1 (1)

His amazing experience and what he loved!

It was a great experience. Have a strong foundation, which is built upon the Data Structures course content, and the way it was taught by Manisha ma’am was great. The Web Development course gave a taste of actually developing apps, because of which I was able to make some projects, and also enhanced my resume, which helped a lot during the internship process. My TAs helped me a lot during both the courses. I was also a Teaching Assistant to Ankush sir during the Data Structures course once, it helped me to learn to read and understand other people’s code, debugging code and explain my approach to others more effectively. Coding Ninjas also helped me get an internship during my second year, which turned out to be a very nice experience.
logo amazon

Interview experience

It consisted of only 1 round in which the focus was mainly on topics like Graphs, Topological Sorting, Arrays, Operating Systems, Round-Robin algorithm.

Advice to Current Students!

Firstly to Maintain a decent Cgpa. Secondly to practice a lot of questions on Dynamic Programming and basic, common Graph operations and algorithms, Array and Linked List questions are also very important, as they form the basis. And Lastly, maintain a balance between Algorithms and App development and/or Machine learning.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

I’ll introduce Coding Ninjas as an organization providing quality teaching and mentorship, helping students by various means, like doubt sessions, TA support, etc. The center possesses a learning environment with all facilities. The online tool, CodeZen is a very good place to practice coding questions, for self-growth and also for preparing for companies, as I myself practice questions there from time-to-time. If one needs help or teaching for any of the domains taught at Coding Ninjas, I would definitely recommend taking up the corresponding course at Coding Ninjas for the same.

Thank you for constant support and guidance!

Think like a programmer: Inside the mind of an expert programmer!


Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the mind of a developer or a computer programmer? How do they think and approach problems? Well, today’s post is precisely about that – the mindset of a programmer!

When you dive into the world of software development, you must possess one quality – the programmer mindset. In simple terms, to be a programmer, you’ve got to think and act like one. So, what exactly does the programmer mindset mean? Keep reading to know the secrets!

The Inquisitive Mindset

  1. What Seems To Be The Problem?

The brain of a programmer is somehow wired in a way that he/she is perpetually on the lookout of a problem to solve. Whenever programmers come across coding problems or issues, they’re like “So, what exactly seems to be the glitch here? I need to find out!” An expert programmer will always view a problem from many possible angles and try to delineate the issues one by one.

  1. How Do I Fix The Problem? How Can I Make It Better?

Once the problems are identified, a programmer then engages himself/herself in trying to find the best possible solutions to the problems. However, that’s not all – the end goal is to enhance the code and make it better by following the three-step rule:

  • Fix the problem – What will be the fastest solution to get the code to run smoothly?
  • Do it right – How to clean the code and turn it into a technically correct one?
  • Boost it – How to optimize the code?

The Learner’s Mindset

  1. Understanding The Code

Programming is not just about solving problems ceaselessly but also learning new things in the process. A programmer must always be open to learning. Before solving a coding problem, it is crucial to read the code carefully and understand its structure and functionalities. Only then will you be able to find the best possible solutions to specific problems and also tweak and optimize the code accordingly.

  1. Experimenting

Experimenting with new concepts and tools is a vital part of the learning process. When programmers learn a new concept, very often they experiment with the concept and try to see how it can enhance or ruin or tweak a code’s functionality. That’s how one gets to know what works best for a code and what doesn’t.

  1. Attention To Detail

When creating a code to serve a specific purpose, every little detail matters. In the most basic sense, a code is merely a set of instructions that are fed into the computer to get it to perform a certain task. One little mistake or a wrong move within a code can have a massive impact on it and can even ruin it. Thus, paying attention to detail is the mark of a great programmer.

An Artist’s Mindset

  1. Striving For Perfection

Software development is very similar to art. Just as an artist brings an image to life with his/her imagination, handwork, and colors, so a programmer, too, builds a code to bring life within a computer, which without code and software is nothing but a lifeless machine. An excellent programmer never stops at the moment when his/her program starts running smoothly; he/she tries to find out ways in which the program can be made even better. Naturally, this involves a lot of practice and perseverance to get it right and still find grounds to improve upon. A programmer’s craft is a pursuit of perfection.

  1. Passion

Until and unless a programmer is driven by a strong passion to find innovative solutions. This passion is what drives a programmer to write codes that are clean, readable, logical, and efficient. Creativity is a key skill here. A programmer uses his/her technical knowledge and the limited set of tools at his disposal to figure out how to solve problems and build a useful code, all the while learning new things. For a passionate programmer, coding isn’t just a task, it is also a fun hobby to indulge in.

Programmers are well aware of the fact that their profession and field of study is a dynamic one and that nobody is perfect – there’s always scope for improvement. Hence, they never hold back from asking help from their extended community or programmers and developers. Today, there are many platforms where programmers can connect with each other and share their knowledge with the community members, such as Stack Overflow, Reddit, CodeProject, and much more,  thereby enriching the developer community as a whole.

Yes, a programmer’s mind is that simple and creative at the same time! Do you think you have it in you to become a programming legend?

Placement talk with Mahima!

Embarking on the successful  Coding Journey!
Mahima sachan

Her amazing experience and what she loved!

Coding Ninjas has been a wonderful experience for me. I absolutely loved the content and the well structured courses which helped me in cracking the tough interview rounds and achieve my end goals.

Interview experience

It consisted of 3 rounds in which the focus was mainly on the Data Structures and Algorithms. The content in the course definitely helped to clear the rounds as they were designed according to the industry requirement.

Advice to Current Students!

Do all the questions from course first and then for more questions you can do questions from geeksforgeeks.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

A platform having perfectly structured courses.

Thank you for constant support and guidance!

Placement talk with Vaibhav!

A place that brings you one step closer towards success!

A place where you get valuable knowledge and skills!

I am extremely grateful to Coding Ninjas for providing me valuable knowledge and skills that helped me get through the placement season.

Vaibhav Yadav

His amazing experience and what he loved!

I enrolled in the Inception 2017 batch under the guidance of Ankush Singla. He was amazing in guiding novices like me and inculcating interest in coding. The assignments were handed at the end of every class. Every topic was taught in detail from the absolute basics. The TA’s were helpful in clearing all the doubts in class itself. To sum it up it was an amazing experience at Coding Ninjas.

Interview experience

The process consisted of 2 preliminary rounds consisting of one aptitude and technical round and one coding round. There were 2 coding questions, one of them of the easy level and the other one was a bit tricky.

Technical Interview 1: Questions were asked about data structures and algorithms especially from linked lists and trees. There was some amount of discussion on the projects and internships mentioned in the Resume. In the end, 2 puzzles were asked of the easy level.
Technical Interview 2: Resume based questions, Knowledge of machine learning, neural networks, the blockchain, and other new technologies. An only basic understanding was required. Questions were also asked from Operating Systems, DBMS and Computer Networks. Finally, there was an HR interview round where general questions regarding the life skills and personality were asked.

Advice to Current Students!

I would advise everyone to be thorough with all basic data structures and algorithms. It is beneficial from interview point of view to have done projects so try doing some good projects on your own. One should also practice competitive coding on various platforms such as Codechef, Codeforces, CodeZen etc.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

It is the must visit place for every novice in the field of programming.

Thank you for constant support and guidance!

Placement talk with Tanya!

A successful future booking with Expedia!

A kick-start to my coding career!

Coding Ninjas is a wonderful place to be where you can enhance your programming skills to the highest level that you want. The training you get here makes you a pro-programmer!

Tanya Singh

Her amazing experience and what she loved!

Coding Ninjas has been an amazing learning experience for me. It gave me the most appropriate kick-start to start coding. I feel lucky to be mentored by Ankush sir, as he made sure that each and every topic was covered in the class and even the tiniest doubt of a student doesn’t go unresolved. He makes sure that a student spends exactly the right amount of time with a question, not less not more. And since no class is complete without homework and assignments, he gave perfect questions to practice what was covered in the class.Expedia-Logo-EPS-vector-image

Interview experience

It consisted of 3 rounds in which topics like Arrays, Trees, Linked List, DBMS, OS, Networking were covered. The course content helped me a lot to clear those interview rounds. 

Advice to Current Students!

Try not to just reach the solution, but observe the concept that is being used in the question. And then note what all types of questions can be solved through this concept.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

The place which will the elevate the level of your skills, no matter how high it is!

Thank you for constant support and guidance!