Web Development Tools Every Programmer Should Know About

Web development has gotten really interesting lately. Gone are the days when it took long hours to optimize websites and add animations. Today, building amazing websites is fairly straightforward with the advancements in technology. Turning your ideas into a web page and giving it an address over the internet was never easier. Almost everyone who wishes to start a business or express their beliefs online are able to do so by setting up a website. 

From designing to hosting a site on the net, everything is assisted with bleeding-edge technologies these days. Gone are the days when you needed expensive servers to host your websites, cloud computing platforms such as AWS and Digital Ocean have made life easier for the developers. 

A number of tools are around that can help web developers in building really amazing websites with a fraction of effort that it used to take. However, it is equally important to understand that only a good developer/programmer can make full use out of these web development tools. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the best web development tools that every programmer should know about. Without any further ado, let us get started:

  1. Git and Github

Today, various members of a development team need to interact with each other while collaborating on a specific project. While working on a sophisticated project, it is important for developers to understand the working of repositories and version control. The very basics of Git source control system is integral to building a set of impressive web development skillset. 

Apart from this, a good web developer must be well versed with creating and forking repositories on Github along with pushing changes to the code after having worked on them locally. To understand how you can use Git effectively, check this step by step guide on Git.

  1. Chrome Developer Tools

Developer tools built into the chrome come in very handy at times. These tools allow the developers to tweak their HTML and CSS codes for mobile as well as desktop views. It is very important, especially when you are testing your website and need to check how small changes reflect on your website. It is advisable for budding developers to be acquainted with the same. To get started with Chrome dev tools, you need to understand the various applications. You can check this link to understand how to open the chrome developer tools.

  1. Node.js and NPM

Build upon the Google V8 Javascript engine, Node.js is a runtime environment. It has an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that is very lightweight and efficient. Basically, Node.js allows you to use JavaScript on the server-side without having to learn backend languages like Ruby, PHP, Python etc. 

NPM, or the node package manager helps to install packages over the computer or locally for various projects. If you are looking to set out on a journey to learn web development, you definitely need to have a good command on Node.js. If you need any help with this, check out our course on web development that covers Node.js comprehensively. 

  1. Task Runners

Like any other meaningful work, web development too has its own share of repetitive tasks. The smart way to save time and effort here would be to use technology and automate it as much as possible. Specific tasks like Javascript compression, optimization, minifying can take a lot of time. However, a lot of time and energy can be saved if you use task runners.

Not only does it save time and effort, the human errors made by a person is also eradicated with task runners. That way, the efficiency of the development process is improved significantly. 

  1. Text Editors

To become a successful developer, it is important to be great with at least one text editor. As you might be aware of, developers do a lot of work that involves text processing. Sublime and Notepad++ are quite good examples of text editors. Another interesting and quite effective text editor, the Vim Editor, is one to watch out for as well. Whether its stack overflow or the Linux Journal readers, it has constantly been rated as one of the best text editors. 
There you have it, these were some of the most important tools that you must have up your sleeve. Web development is changing every day, it is important for you to adapt as well. Be sure to check out our web development courses and embark upon the journey to become a successful developer.

5 Tips to improve your coding Skills

As technology continues to evolve, your success as a coder depends on your capability to learn and adapt. Any seasoned developer knows that you should always try to improve your coding skills. 

There is no point in watching your colleagues get ahead while you are still stuck doing the same thing over and over again. On that note, here are some of the tips to improve your coding skills.

  • Practice. Practice. Practice


Coding is a skill that requires a ton of practice and effort to master it. You can’t just wake up one day and suddenly become good at coding. All the good engineers out there have worked countless days and nights to perfect their coding skills. Therefore, you should not quit when you start your journey as a programmer or coder. 

Try to make it a habit to code each day, no matter what programming language it is. Because what actually matters is that you are doing it every day. An algorithm is nothing but an ordered set of operations carried out for the sole purpose of finding a solution. So, try to work on various problems to find better logics and enhance your code. 

  • Contribute to open-source projects


A part of learning is sharing your knowledge. You should contribute your code or program to 

open source platforms, such as GitHub, to improve your programming skills and become a better coder. 

Show interest in discussions between experienced programmers, listen to what they have to say. Try to understand their approach to the problem that will automatically develop good coding habits on you.

However, you must not just sit passive, rather ask questions, present your suggestions while respecting their point of view.

  • Find mentors

Try to work one-on-one with other developers in any way you can. It is always good to listen to other coders. You can do so through pair programming, participating in hackathons or joining a coder user group. 

Pay attention to the feedback that you get on your projects from other users and developers. Try to identify the commonalities in their criticism. There is always going to be someone who has more experience and knowledge than you. 

You may also get a mentor this way whom you can trust to guide you in everything from programming techniques to career decisions. A mentor will be honest with you about your 

coding skills and give you suggestions accordingly. Do not let go of such opportunities.

  • Create a project and make it live

With enough practice, you will be able to build your own projects and applications. It could be a web application, or a mobile app or any other tool. Don’t keep it confined with you. Share it with the world and watch other people use your code.

This will boost your confidence to a great extent and also motivate you to code even better. There are various platforms where you can share your code and projects. Even if you have a full-time programming job, you must always have a side project to work on. This is the best way to practice and challenging yourself. 

Another benefit of sharing your project with others is that it demonstrates your skills to future employers and potential clients. 

  • Attend meetups and observe

Attending meetups and discussing with fellow programmers often leads to better solutions. Your mind tends to evolve more when you talk and listen to others. Often programmers tend to isolate themselves with their computer. This is a completely wrong practice.

Take out time every week to explore new languages and technologies that are shaping the world. Find new sources of information to regularly tap into for inspiration. Observe the coders that you admire and follow their practices. 

Bottom line

A last piece of advice – stay fit and healthy and use the correct equipment. Otherwise, you can easily wreck your back, shoulders, and wrists by sitting in front of the PC for hours every day. You might already know most of the suggestions – sit straight, eat healthy food, and do exercise.

These tips will not only enhance your coding skills but also make you enjoy the learning process even more. Looking to take up a course? Well, CodingNinjas is just the right place for you.


Must-know Python libraries for any aspiring Data Scientist

We are all aware of Python – the simple language that is currently defining the digital world. Pairing machine learning capabilities with simple coding, Python is a big hit among data scientists, along with the data science specific language, R. However, if you really wish to master Python and build your career as a data scientist, then you should know the most popular Python libraries. Python, because of its simplicity, offers a lot of libraries for different use-cases. And if you are someone who is looking to make your mark as a data scientist, not only should you familiarize yourself with Python but with these libraries:




NumPy is a great open source library which is mostly dedicated to numerics. It has some pre-compiled functions that make working with large multidimensional matrices and arrays easy. Even when you apply basic numerical standards, Numpy makes it so simple that you don’t have to write Loops like in C++. While it may not have an integrated data analysis facility, its array computing can be paired with other data analysis tools and make it easier.


pasted image 0 (5)


SciPy is a module in Python which provides fast N-dimensional array manipulation. It not only makes numerical routines easier but it can also help with numerical optimization and integration. It even has modules like linear algebra, optimization and integration – all important tools in data science.


pasted image 0 (6)


If you want to add visualization in your project, the Matplotlib is the best way to go. It can be used to quickly make pie charts, line diagrams, histograms or other professional visual items. You can even customize certain aspects of any specific figure. The best part, you can export the images into graphic formats like png, jpeg, pdf, etc.


pasted image 0 (7)


Since machine learning is the way of the future, Scikit-Learn is the machine learning module introduces to Python. It gives you a set of common machine learning algorithms providing it to you through a consistent interface. There are a lot of algorithms available in Scikit-Learn and it also comes handy with machine learning-based tasks like regression, clustering, etc.


pasted image 0 (8)


For data munging, the best Python module is Pandas. It has high-level data structures and the tools present here are best suited for faster data analyses. It is based on NumPy and so, NumPy can be used easily on it. 


pasted image 0 (9)


NLTK is one of the best programmes that can work with human language. It has a simple interface and more than 50 corpora and lexical resources like WordNet, which can be used for tokenization, tagging, parsing and many more. NLTK is so popular that it is often used to create prototypes of research systems.



Statsmodels tries to estimate different statistical models by exploring data and performing statistical tests. It has a list of different plotting functions and statistics based on results for each type of data. 

pasted image 0 (10)


Statsmodels tries to estimate different statistical models by exploring data and performing statistical tests. It has a list of different plotting functions and statistics based on results for each type of data. 


pasted image 0 (11)


Python-Based Reinforcement Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Network or PyBrain is for neural networks. It can be used for both unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning. If you want a tool for real-time analytics, this is the best way to go.


pasted image 0 (12)


Built on both Scipy and Numpy, the Gensim library is for topic modeling. From fast scalability of language to optimized math routine, this open source library will keep your delighted with its simple interface and platform independence.


pasted image 0 (13)


Almost like Numpy, Theano is a library that focuses on numeric computation. It allows evaluation and optimization of mathematical expressions which also involves efficient treatment of multi-dimensional arrays.

So, get your mind set and start your data science journey with some must-know Python libraries. To make sure your python game is strong, you can also look at some of the courses offered by Coding Ninjas. Have a look at our course on Machine Learning and Data science and set out on your journey to become a distinguished data scientist. Best of luck.


Here’s how Coding Ninjas faculty fulfil the Rakshabandhan duties

The world of programming is always expanding. A few decades ago, we would have thought machine learning can only be a thing for sci-fi movies. But now, machine learning is becoming an integral part of your every-day life. But the more expansion takes place in the programming world, the more complicated coding and programming language become. For that reason, many programmers might want to start off with a proper mentor guiding their way in this diverse coding universe. We are not saying that you cannot learn to code on your own. But isn’t it better if you have a mentor to direct your raw coding power in the right channel? A mentor who is always there to fulfill the roles of a big brother for you. Something that the festival of Raksha Bandhan invokes.

At Coding Ninjas, we have successfully developed such a team of passionate and expert mentors to help students find their path in the coding world. Our faculty acknowledges that every one of our students is passionate about coding, have a hidden strength in them and are looking to release it in the right path. With this in mind, our faculty ensures that the students are provided the environment and the right guidance to get the most benefit out of their raw coding strength.

Here are some of the ways in which the Coding Ninjas faculty hopes to transform your career:

  • Building Up The Basics: While coding may have grown more and more complicated over the years, like every discipline, it too has a base. And like every technical subject, if things go wrong, you can always fall back on the basics. The foundation is the key to any technical subject. Coding Ninjas, with its expert faculties, tries to strengthen your foundation in unique ways so that, whatever situation you might come across, you won’t forget the foundation. With the basics right, you can always build up on it and tackle more challenging programs with ease. From introductions to functions, loops, arrays to advanced courses regarding stacks and UI building, our team of mentors will progressively help you acquire knowledge and skills in the language you choose. Our foundation courses on Java, C++, and Python is structured to ensure progressive all-round development of our students. 
  • Competitive Environment: The success of Hackathons and other coding competitions show that an environment of healthy competition is important for growth in the world of coders. You are always feeling the push of motivation and your adrenaline is pumping. By providing a competitive environment, our faculty tries to push you beyond your limits and achieve new heights you could never have imagined. Plus, it prepares you for competitive programming and gives you that confidence boost to go out and participate in external Hackathons. If you had never thought of taking part in any of these competitions, then Coding Ninjas will put you in a place to make you believe that you can WIN these competitions. Our competitive programming course is designed to help thrive against challenging computational problems and be evaluated with Live questions asked by your mentors.
  • Everyday Updates: Since the world of coding is so dynamic, there will always be new changes and updates happening in it – a new way to solve a problem or a new feature. Our faculty keeps themselves updated with the recent changes happening in the coding world and conveys them to the students. Our faculty tries to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate the new with your older knowledge, giving you an all-round ability to deal with a coding challenge. Plus, to keep your coding skills active and updated, we have a special segment ‘Problem of the Day’. Solve it and get an extra boost of confidence! 
  • A Friend In Need: A friend in need is a friend who will support and help you when you are in an extremely challenging situation. Coding Ninjas is that friend who is always there when you are facing a tough situation with your programming. Our expert faculty is present to clear your doubts in class once you convey it to them. Plus, we have doubt-clearing classes where any extra doubts will be cleared. And if you are not satisfied with that, we even have Teaching Assistants who stay online and will clear your doubts as and when they come. If you are at your wit’s end and can’t find the error in your program, send it over to your TA and they will debug it in a moment which would have taken hours for you to do!
  • Providing Placement Tips: The programming field is getting more and more competitive every day. With the increasing competition, companies are slowly making it increasingly difficult for people to get a placement in them. Coding Ninjas know how difficult it can be for students to get a placement in top tech firms. But our faculty is all for supporting our students to get their dream job. So, they keep themselves updated with the tech industry and provide placement tips to the students, which can make them stand out among the many interviewees that try to get a placement. Our students have found a spot in top tech firms like Amazon, Adobe and Samsung, a testimony to the success of our placement tips.
  • Expertise: Finally, we are proud of our faculty team as well. They are experts in coding and have got their credentials from famous institutions like IITs and Stanford University. But what really keeps them apart is their ability to relate and interact with students. They know the frustrations of coders and they can relate to it. However, they also know how to get over this obstacle and become a truly marvelous programmer. And that’s how our faculty makes a difference in your life and career.

At Coding Ninjas, we are always trying to bring out the best in our students. We believe in our faculty, we believe in you, and we believe that our interaction can help you unleash your dream of a coder. Let’s transform each of our lives – together.

How far can Node.js go?

How-far-can-Node.js -go?The confined answer of what Node.js is? can go like the developer of Node.js took Javascript and allowed it to run on your computer rather than just the browser. Javascript can only access your webpage. With the ability to use your computer as a body, Node.js can do all sorts of great stuff which Javascript limits us to do. You have access to the files on your computer, can listen to the network traffic, access database directly, and also listen to the https requests and send back a file.

How far can Node.js go?

This question doesn’t only talk about Node.js but also puts the limitations of javascript in the highlight. Here are a few examples of Javascript position:

-Windows and OS X Desktop Applications: Companies like Microsoft and Slack have used Node.js tool to develop its initial applications.

-Android and iPhone Application: Facebook’s significant portion is using React Native for good experiences, and additionally, other companies like Vogue, Walmart and CBS Sports will be using it in the foreseeable future.

-ROBOTS: Javascript is used to make fully functioning robots. Everything can take place on single boarded computers like Nodebots or Raspberry Pi etc.

-Internet of things (iOT): With the help of a library named Johnny-Five, javascript is finding its way to create iOT devices with better quality. Companies like McLaren, Qualcomm, NodeSummit and FitBit are also talking about the use of Javascript.

Experienced Developers are creating large scale applications are aware of the fact that performance and scalability matter the most. Scaling out is a better option than scaling up. It means, instead of adding a big machine and compromising the quality of the product, you can always add more machines. It is still essential to get the best out of a tool and serve as many clients as possible.

Talking about Node.js

With the quality of being an event-driven non-blocking model, now the developers can create applications or design a model in real-time. The property that you can make changes to the program or inspect the model without even restarting it makes Node.js a perfect fit for developing. Many companies prefer to use Node.js for its two-way connections and push technology.

#PayPal: Talking about dealing worldwide, one of the best applications created on Node.js is PayPal. You can see it in almost every application, and it works seamlessly. There are over 200 million users of PayPal in the whole world.

Initially, dispersed teams were handling the tasks individually for the server applications and the browser which made it difficult. Node.js allowed the developers to use one language-Javascript for all purposes.

#Netflix: Being the largest portal to stream videos, Netflix has to go with Node.js for its seamless service. This is the most known examples of Node.js to the generation. Netflix wanted the user to have the power to customize videos or show as per their choices. Node.js makes it possible for the app to enable user customization

#Uber: The cost to make an app like Uber is also affected by the fact that it runs on Node.js. The company has doubled its size in the past 6 months. That’s why Uber is one of the best examples of winning Node.js language.

Wrapping up…

If these examples make you realize how beautiful the language Node.js is, then, now is the time you visit our full stack Node.js web development course. Coding Ninjas’ extensive course and experts will make you confident enough to build your own applications.

Get the right push to your career with our placement cell

The challenge of choosing the first job to kick-start your career is daunting. If you aren’t on the right path, you can waste a lot of time searching for jobs that are really not suitable for you. A good proportion of your productive years might be consumed, in such a scenario, till you’re eventually able to find your fit.

That’s precisely where good guidance comes in. To all the tech students out there, looking for opportunities to work in their dream companies, we got your back. Our mentorship coupled with the extensive reach of our placement unit can help you reach your goal.

For the initial stage of getting your placement done, we at Coding Ninjas provide you with career tracks. Visit our website and decide for yourselves. Here is a general brief of what we offer as a tech education provider.

Ninja Competitive Programmer Track: This is a persuasive course which will challenge you to solve problems computationally with fundamental algorithms. It will also cover domain-specific techniques. This specialization track will familiarize you with the concepts of data structures, and even advanced algorithms that are necessary for you to ace as a competitive programmer.

Ninja Data Scientist Career Track: A Data Scientist is a combination of machine learning and statistical techniques with a dash of Python programming to analyze and evaluate critical data. Looking at the growth Data Science as a career option has seen over the years, this career track is perfect for those looking to bank on their knowledge of Math, Computers, and combine it with a job in an ever-growing industry.

Ninja Web Developer Career Track: Our goal is to turn you into professionals. With this track you will have a clear picture of how to use popular languages with proper coding logic and comprehensive frameworks like node.js. This course is designed to cater to both your front-end as well as back-end needs. Emerging as a full-stack developer, you’ll be ready to shine in your career after this course!

Ninja Machine Learning Career Track: You have to ace your basic concepts and the advancements that have been going on in the field of Machine Learning. We are here to provide you with an experience filled with expertise and concepts that will help you with solving the most complicated problems.

Coming back to the subject matter, we provide our students with perfect opportunities by offering them full-time jobs and internships. The placements are the consequences of thorough study materials and career mentors that we provide to our students.

Students are continuously guided towards their career goals and aspirations, which makes it possible for the potential companies to hire an appropriate candidate. Students who have acquired 60% or more can avail the services of an in-house profile which will include the student’s education, work experience, achievements and all the projects they have worked on till now.

Hiring Partners: We have partnered with 65+ hiring partners, including some top-notch companies like Cure.fit, Zomato, Grant Thronton, Amazon, Walmart, Edelweiss, Shuttl, Cars24 etc.

Package offers: For a full-time job, the initial CTC offered till now is 4 lacs per annum, and the highest CTC would be 20 lacs per annum. The average package of an intern is 2 to 2.5 lacs per annum.


The courses we offer at Coding Ninjas can make you a potential candidate for your dream job. As the interviewer is more concerned about the skills of the developer instead of college or university they got their degrees from. Our placement cell can make you reach your aims by giving you the right push for your career.

Building your resume: Here’s how to make it stand out


How often can you show your recruiter that you are really good at a job in just a single glance at your resume? Although, online portals have made it much simpler for applicants to submit resumes. But it has increased the number of candidates for the position by a significant amount. In this case, the recruiters are encumbered with CVs, and they are always looking for ways to condense the list and keep the best ones in line.

So that a typical hiring manager notices your resume, it’s compelling for you to make those first few seconds count.

To build your resume in such a way that it lands with as many interviews as possible, here are a few pro tips:

Include power verbs

While you are describing your previous employment experiences, use words such as ‘accomplished,’ ‘team player,’ ‘improved’ ‘initiated’ to highlight your qualities. These power verbs are not only catchy but simply goes beyond stating your responsibilities to emphasize the outcomes.

Simply, overdoing the same thing may get you rejected. Try to keep it subtle and to the point. Otherwise, you could just end up in the ‘rejection’ pile.

Quantify your success

The best way to describe your accomplishments is by showing hard numbers. Let your resume show ‘how much revenue you have generated for your previous company?’ ‘How much costing you have shortened with your efforts?’ ‘How many people did you train?’ Accordingly, your recruiter will have an idea of how you can be an asset to the organization. Through this process, your experiences and strengths will be magnified.

Manage to get to the bottom line of the job requirements of the company, say, they believe in sales or profit margins or tax savings and so on. Then evaluate the difference you and your team made. You can use phrases like ‘increased company sales by 5%,’ ‘initiated tax savings by 3%.’ Highlight your strong points in numbers without making it obvious and you are good to go.

Highlight awards & recognitions

Showing the recruiter that your former employer valued your contribution puts you in the spotlight. Insert another category in your resume for mentioning the awards/titles you have achieved. Using power verbs like ‘selected,’ ‘recognized,’ and ‘awarded’ would definitely add up quality to your resume. Be active on your Linkedin account and don’t forget to provide a link to your profile in your resume.

You can also ask your colleagues or superiors who are familiar with your work for written recommendations.

Show your qualities

Don’t just put your qualities precisely in one or two words. Try to beef up your game by including situations where you manifested these skills. Words such as incorporation, team-player, collaboration can automatically draw the attention of your hiring manager.

Ignore irrelevant information

Adding your external accomplishments which have nothing to do with the current position is never a good idea. Including a lot of information can sometimes backfire too. Better leave the part which is not exactly relevant to your resume.

Stick to the specific skills and requirements that the company is looking for. And, if your previous work is not relevant to the job description, you better frame your current skill that is well adjusted to the new role.

Don’t address a lot of things on your CV, because with a bunch of noise, the recruiter would have to find out what’s important, and trust us, they won’t. They’ll just pass it on.


With all these specifications on your resume, and a well-written cover letter you’ll be able to clear the first round. For further training, visit our website. We at coding ninjas offer you the best interview preparation courses.

Tips to beat procrastination woes

You have an assignment deadline right on top your head, you should complete it ASAP. But still, what do you prefer to do? You switch to Facebook, surfing the web, videos on YouTube and then are caught in the spiral of Youtube videos and end up watching a video where a python swallows a goat, say whaaaaat? Procrastination is something which affects us all somewhere in our lives.

I think somewhere all of us are at a crossroad where we can either complete the task or say, “Chhodo, kal karengey”(Leave it, we’ll look at it tomorrow). Especially in college, I realized that if I could complete an assignment in two hours, I would rather complete it at night, which got postponed to the morning and in the end I completed it in the class itself.

Does that make you any efficient? A BIG NO. It doesn’t. Last minute panic might lead you to a state of nervous breakdown and you just might ruin your assignment/projects, etc. You never achieve your full potential and end up regretting and self loathing.Also, the procrastination playground is a place where leisure activities happen at times when leisure activities are not supposed to be happening so it basically makes you a potato.

Here are some tips which might help you deal with procrastination so you don’t have to face the panic monster again:-

1. Planning:

Procrastinators love planning because it provides them with a feeling that they’re doing something, when they’re actually not. So I would suggest effective planning. Jot down a list of easy tasks which are easy to complete before jotting down more. A big list of daunting tasks would rather encourage you to not to start at all. Check each task once you’ve completed it. Remind yourself with the help of reminders, post its and To-do lists.For example, if you need to complete various assignments, jot down a particular number of questions to be completed in one day and work upon that.

2. Actually Doing

Well, this is the hard part. Take a deep breath and start with your job. If you think rewarding helps then reward yourself once you’ve completed certain tasks. Treat yourself to an ice cream or an episode(ONE EPISODE) of your favourite TV show after completing a couple of questions of your assignment. You try doing the entire assignment in one go and you get stuck at one test case which just doesn’t seem to budge? A wiser thing would be NOT completing the entire job in one go, and that too at the last moment. Take short breaks between tasks, this will not only refresh your mind but also give a newer perspective at tackling the problem.

3. Break down your tasks

So you think that programming is the skill of the century and teaching yourself to code is the ultimate priority, right? You have “Learn how to code” as your top priority, but every time you look at it, you coincidentally decide to clean your cupboard or your email.It’ll never end up this way. Go for slow steady progress. Novels are written one page at a time.

Break down this big daunting task into simple tasks: Research on how to work upon it:

Daunting task
Easy steps to success

4. Turn off those notifications

Every time you sit down to write codes for your assignments and those sneaky little Facebook Notifications pop up ?Someone sent you a candy crush request and you think the world would collapse if you don’t check your FB page to check it? Anything which distracts you when you’re working is like opening a door to procrastination. To stay focused on your tasks, block anything which even mildly divides your attention. Meanwhile to block notifications on chrome, follow this link –> Block notifications.

I hope these tips help you beat your procrastination woes. To be honest, this post took me more than a while because I was caught in a spiral of Tastemade videos when the truth is I don’t even live in the vicinity of a kitchen. Teehee.

Code your way through Competitive programming!

If you’re wondering how to be an ace programmer, then one of the best ways to do so is through competitive programming. Topcoder, Hackerearth, SPOJ, etc all must ring a bell, these are sites that provide high-quality problems to you that are a little difficult to crack. Competitive programming needs a slightly different approach than regular programming.

How is competitive programming different from normal programming?

I got this excerpt from a popular Quora answer which could answer it best:

Answer for: How is competitive programming different from normal programming?

This basically tells us that in developmental programming, we need to write an efficient code. However, competitive programming requires a code which “just works” with the given conditions.

So, what exactly do you need to “kill the lion” in 2 minutes?

  • You need to know the basics of a language, pick any, C++ or Java, whichever you’re comfortable with.
  • Pick an online judge. Some popular ones are: topcoderSPOJcodechef and hackerearth.
  • Start with simple problems such as Div 2, 250
  • Practice these problems thoroughly such that you earn around 240 points a day.

Sounds easy? Well, for those of you who have tried a hand at it must know that TERMS like TLE(Time limit exceed), MLE(memory level exceed) and WA(Wrong answer)  are so good at giving NIGHTMARES!

How to be a Ninja Competitive programmer?

To gain crazy ninja skills at competitive programming, one needs to have a grasp of a few specific topics.

Topics mostly covered in contests are:

  1. Graph algorithms: Breadth first search (BFS), Depth first search(DFS), Strongly connected components (SCC), Dijkstra, Floyd-Warshall, Minimum spanning tree(MST), and Topological sort.
  2. Dynamic programming: Standard dynamic programming problems such as Rod Cutting, Knapsack, Matrix chain multiplication, etc
  3. Number theory: Modular arithmetic, Fermat’s theorem, Chinese remainder theorem(CRT), Euclidean method for GCD, Logarithmic Exponentiation, Sieve of Eratosthenes, and Euler’s totient function
  4. Greedy: Standard problems such as Activity selection
  5. Search techniques: Binary search, Ternary search, and Meet in the middle
  6. Data structures (Advanced): Trie, Segment trees, Fenwick tree or Binary indexed tree(BIT)
  7. Bitmasking
  8. Game theory: Basic principles of Nim game, Grundy numbers, and Sprague-Grundy theorem

Our newest online course Eminence indulges in all of these so-called tricky topics just so that can ace that programming contest in just three months.  Eminence will be taken up by Ankush Singla who has a Bachelor’s degree in CS from IIT Delhi and Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University; and Parikh Jain, the “ninja” of competitive coding who holds a degree in CS from Delhi Technological University (DTU). Register now to book yourself a seat in a course that will brush up your competitive skills to a whole new level. 


Why Coding should be taken as a skill rather than a subject?


A night before the data structures exam, I’m biting my nails and cursing why did I have to choose engineering, planning a strategy on what topics to leave and what to study, just enough so that I pass this semester without a back. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this. All-nighters are the only way we know how to study in college, cramming the subject just the night before the exam.

Most people literally cram entire codes to topics a night before the exam. Guys, you are legends! But the fact is in the long run, this won’t help you. The more you cram, the less you’ll remember what it was about. Also, in the next semester, when a bigger version of the subject appears, you’ll start again with the same old cycle of cursing the subject, your decision of taking the course, the education system and so on.

Programming, instead of rote learning it as a theoretical subject, should instead be approached more practically. It should be understood and the codes should be practised instead of cramming. The concept of syntax, dealing with a problem through a particular method, and the “logic” should be understood. If you’ve done this bit, I bet you don’t even need to open the book before the exam(but please do).

Before I enrolled in the course at Ninjas, I didn’t even know that there was an actual code for Hashing ( I possibly must have left the entire chapter then :p) possibly because I thought it did not carry enough weightage for the exam. But I was so wrong.

Coding Ninjas not only teaches you a language, they teach you how to study. They start with absolute basics so that even newbies who don’t  know “hello world” can relate to the subject. The classes are loaded with brain teasers to kick start your brains, short teaching sessions and more questions to practice so that you focus on problem-solving instead of cramming. They don’t focus on the language or syntax but most importantly on how to approach the problem so that you can do the same for any other language. All of this, not only fascinates you but makes you fall in love with the world of programming.

Subjects which used to be complicated and scared you till death will now look like a piece of cake. Not only this, imagine actually creating something from scratch. Now imagine, a lot of people actually using “that” something which you made. Sounds like magic? Well, it is! This is what programming does for you. Your favourite app or the website that you love to browse are all things essentially based on programming.

To quote Ankush sir, the most empowering moment of his career was when he and his team launched the Facebook timeline and more than a 100 million people used it on the very day it was launched!

Get inspired. Start programming today to build something amazing for tomorrow!

PS: The weightage of hashing? Well, it’s supposedly one of the most frequent questions asked by Amazon. Don’t make the same mistake. :3